Microsoft: We'll do something at E3 2014 that's never been done there before [Update]

Some people have wondered why Microsoft is revealing some major Xbox One news, such as the $399 version of the console without the Kinect controller, just a few weeks before its June 9th E3 2014 press event. But the company seems to have dropped a hint of just why it is making these announcements ahead of E3.

In the latest episode of the popular Major Nelson podcast, its host, Microsoft's Xbox Live director of programming Larry Hryb, made this rather cryptic statement about a project that he is working on for E3 2014. He stated that it would be "pretty awesome" and added, "It's going to be the first time this has ever been done at E3. Ever."

That's all he was willing to reveal during the show, but one of the Major Nelson co-hosts mentioned that several years ago, Activision put in a full half-pipe skateboarding setup on the E3 show floor for Tony Hawk to use. That could be a hint about the scale of what Microsoft has in store for E3 2014.

Besides their E3 press conference and exhibits, Microsoft also has plans for a number of Xbox One community events, both in LA and in other locations, during the gaming expo. More details will be revealed about those events before the show begins.

Update: It looks like Hyrb is doing some damage control on that E3 2014 project. In a post on Reddit he states, "In the podcast, I said I was doing something never done before. When I said "we" it was in the context of the podcast...not the overall Xbox business." However, that's not exactly what he said during the podcast. It's possible he may have revealed too much too soon.

Source: Major Nelson podcast via GameSpot | Image via Microsoft

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A 25% off sale on dlc from 2008 is "pretty awesome" to major nelson, so don't get your hopes up. And the "never been done before at E3" just means their presentation. So again, don't get your hopes up for anything groundbreaking for the xbone.

They will launch an Xbone into space from the center of the E3 stage, with a rocket catapult and aim for the moon! On impact, the nuclear fused Xbone, will create a crater so big with a huge X in the center, that will be visible from earth for ages! And so, the marvelous PR Xbone team will have created the mother-of-all-advertisements and thus winning the console war once and for all...!!! An hour later, after the sleeping gas mixed with some hallucinogens, previously secretly released in the room, has been cleared...everyone will wake up and thank MS for the beautiful dream and sleep they provided! Curtains fall, E3 closes. Exodus!

You can watch the presentation from the Xbox One, but if you have Kinect turned on it will read your happiness level to see if you are an acceptable candidate in their vision of the future, run by Skynet (Being renamed to Onenet for legal reasons)

-T- said,
They're gonna buy Sony, and just shut the games division down

Its possible consider how low sony financially sunk. And that could be the best thing for Xbox. No need to spend a penny on marketing any more. Not a good thing for us consumers after monopoly.

They'll announce that they're opening up the X360 for homebrew and modding, leading to XBMC for the 360 finally becoming possible.

I think people are reading (or being to hopeful) to much in to this.
It'll just be something they claim will be awesome but it'll just be a guest speaker or something.

I'm happy to eat my words though.

+ They're going to allow cross-platform multiplayer gaming? (PC and XB consoles?)
+ They're going to allow XB original (the first ever XBox model) to be downloadable and playable on the XB1?
+ They're going to allow XB360 games to be playable on the XB1? <-- THIS WOULD BE EPIC; TAKE THAT SONY!
+ They're making multiplayer access on XBox Live free?
+ They're doing all of the above???

#hopesAndDreams #bubbleBurst

1) Already possible but MS needs to ease up on the cross Platform requirements to entice more devs.
2) Could be done. Original Xbox emulation should be possible on the current APU. However it is very hard to do development wise. Not many have succeeded in creating a fully working Xbox emulator yet, but MS should be able to because they have all the hardware schematics.
3) Not possible, Xbox One is not powerful enough to emulate the Xbox 360. This would have to be done through streaming over the internet with all its own problems accompanying it.
4) Fat chance
5) Even less of a chance...

Sorry to burst you bubbles on that one. It's a great list!

Not really all that impossible to do 360 emulation. I think your thinking about doing it on a pc where the people making it have nothing to go with vs the company that actually designed it and has access to complete source and can do whatever they want with it. I doubt it will be announced but Frank DID say back in april they are in fact looking into adding it but that its still in idea phase.

Also if they really beleived that crap about 360 owners being happy enough with their console they dont feel the need to upgrade yet what could get them to upgrade faster than being able to play all their 360 games on xbox one

No, I'm talking impossible to do. Their idea phase IS streaming, they already tested it with Halo 4 and talked about the problems with it.
1) Emulating PowerPC architecture on x86 is already performance degrading,
2) Then there's a clock speed difference with the new system having its cores run at a lower speed, and...
3) The cores on the Xbox 360 were multithreaded and single threaded performance of the new AMD cores isn't that great.
It's physically impossible to achieve local full speed Xbox 360 emulation on the Xbox One without an Xbox 360 chip being present in the device.
Of course there could be all kinds of HLE tricks done to make a game run, but the games that will work, will be the simplest of them all and it will be a waste of time.

That's has never been done before... hmmm let me think... it will be hard if they really want to demonstrate something.... but hope they finally agree with the return of Megaman X Games...

Oh please yes. I'm still miffed the Xbox Mega Man (not X) Anniversary collection was US only and couldn't play on PAL Xbox (360) consoles.
It would be so great to see another collection of all those past games.

I think it will be a game launch.. They will announce something like Halo Series Master Chief Edition and then say available..... NOW!

In fact, didn't Sega do this with the Sega Saturn? As in launched the whole friggin' console at E3, months earlier than expected, single-handedly pissing off retailers and developers alike?

Enron said,
They are going to sell the Kinect for $399 and include a free Xbox One.

They're announcing a Kinect v3 for $499 which includes a game processing unit and video output mechanism. They will also promise that the games enhance the Kinect experience.

techbeck said,
They going to give back $100 for those who purchased a Kinect with the X1....

While unlikely, I don't think its outside the realm if possibility. Certainly, they haven't sold so many XBOs that its cost prohibitive. Just consider it "marketing" and take it out if the advertising budget. Consider it a rebate.

Lets be honest - that would be HUGE.

Chikairo said,

While unlikely, I don't think its outside the realm if possibility. Certainly, they haven't sold so many XBOs that its cost prohibitive. Just consider it "marketing" and take it out if the advertising budget. Consider it a rebate.

Lets be honest - that would be HUGE.

That would cost $500 million.... for nothing.

You know what would work better? Remove the Kinect and price the Xbox One at $299 for the next 5 million sales. It would be equivalent in cost, drive Xbox One adoption through the roof, and it would kill Sony.

If they got aggressive, they could hurt Sony pretty badly. Sony can't afford a price war, while Microsoft could afford to give them away for free if they wanted.

But I feel like Microsoft intentionally keeps competitors around... they intentionally keep Apple's Macs around, and Sony's PlayStation... because it's a buffer that keeps them from looking like a monopoly and getting broken up.

Could be a voucher for an online game, Nintendo did it in the UK when they dropped the price of the Nintendo 64 by £100 within 30 days of launch.

You know sometimes I wish they keep the before show PR to a minimum to avoid disappointment. For example, this "never been done at E3 before" can mean anything. However, unless it is some spectacular people will just be make "hay" even if it is cool. What ever happened to surprising us. Don't announce it just do it, shock and awe works best that way.

They are going to take all the Xbox Ones sold to date back and replace them all with upgraded dual Nvidia GTX Titan graphics!

Ha, you'd wish. ;)
It could be related to their own cloud service I guess. Perhaps demonstrating it working on more than just dedicated servers.
Either that, or Fortaleza.

Enron said,
They are going to take all the Xbox Ones sold to date back and replace them all with upgraded dual Nvidia GTX Titan graphics!


We will be seeing Ballmer in Master Chief's outfit.