Microsoft: Win experiences money can't buy (UK)

Microsofts latest advertising ploy, in the UK:

Quote -
Enter the UK prize draw today and you could win an incredible "Wow" experience.
  • Walk the red carpet of a world premiere;
  • Go on safari with a professional photographer;
  • Visit the Home of the Future at Microsoft Campus in Redmond.
For your chance to win these prizes and more simply watch the demos and register your details. Plus, someone will win the Ultimate Experience, which you'll only find out about if you play the prize draw.

News source: Microsoft Prize Draw

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1: u can run down a red carpet in a carpet store :P
2: u can go on a safari and buy your self a camera
3: why do i want to go visit the "future" site for MS :P

Not the "future" site for MS... The "Home of the Future" at the Microsoft Campus. It's their SmartHome. I've seen it, pretty interesting indeed, worth signing up for this alone IMO.

Oh, and "All the good stuff is for the UK. Why can't us US people get any MS love?" (I just had to)

raskren said,
OK, enough with the whiners who say that everything is US only.

I'm in Argentina, I'm never eligible for any sweepstakes by most companies, but they suuuuuure as hell do sell their products down here...