Microsoft Windows Phone app head happy about WP8 SDK launch

As part of its BUILD developer conference last week, Microsoft launched the final public version of its Windows Phone 8 SDK tools. With the first Windows Phone 8 devices now on sale in the US, one of the big questions has been if app developers will become more interested in making apps based on the mobile OS.

At the moment, it looks like things are looking up on that front. Todd Brix, the Senior Director of the Windows Phone Apps Team at Microsoft, posted up a number of messages on his Twitter account this week with information on how the SDK has been received so far.

He mentions that since BUILD 2012, the company has been "Averaging 1,500 new dev registrations PER DAY" for Windows Phone 8. He added in another post that the Windows Phone 8 SDK has become "the most rapidly downloaded SDK MSFT has shipped this year!."  Finally, he said that the number of downloads for the SDK in its first eight days has been double the amount that the SDK for Windows Phone 7.1 received in its first eight days.

All of this activity has to be encouraging to Microsoft as it continues to try and gain a foothold in the smartphone industry against Apple's iOS and Google's Android. Hopefully the launch of the new Windows Phone 8 devices will also be well received by consumers.

Source: Todd Brix on Twitter | Image via Microsoft

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I tried to download the SDK no less than 15 times. Every single time, the ISO only downloaded until the 26% mark... then failed. This happened on several different ISP connections (home, work, friends') so I question the merits of their numbers.

I wish the background tasks were a bit less restricted. I had some app ideas, but as it is, I can't write them.

I know their reasoning behind locking it down as much as they did, but it's still a bit disappointing.

Other than that, I'm liking the rest of the SDK. It's certainly a nicer target than iOS or Android.

I hear the SDK is pretty big as far as all the new features they've added, it should make developers quite happy and bring us better apps as well.

I doubt Windows Phone 8 will take off right away. There are too few devices out there to really have an effect on Andriod's marketshare. If you walk into a phone store 8 out of 10 phones are running Android, from low to high-end.

Windows Phone 8 is for mid and high-end devices only, and it only comes on a few devices. Meaning only consumers who are very conscious about their phone purchase are potential buyers. They arent getting a lot of choice from Microsoft and are likely aware about WP8's (rumored) small selection of apps.

I think that if Windows Phone 8 is to take off, then it will only happen if Windows 8/Windows RT is a succes. It will have to be a conscious decision by educated consumers to go out and find and then buy an expensive phone running 'windows'.

I'm happy with my older Windows Phone 7 device but the market is saturated and it will be a long uphill battle for MS.

[quote=Ronnet said,
Windows Phone 8 is for mid and high-end devices only,[/quote]

To address this, I'd say its mid mid-low end to mid higher end. There's nothing amazingly high end hardware wise, and there's nothing anyone can do to match some of the cheaper droids.