Microsoft: Windows RT 8.1 issues affect small number of Surface RTs

Microsoft has now confirmed that the problems with the Windows 8.1 RT update that caused the company to pull the download from the Windows Store two days after its launch are only affecting owners of Surface RT devices, and even the number of those tablets that have encountered installation problems are tiny.

In a statement sent to ZDNet, Microsoft stated that "only less than 1 out of every 1,000 ( or less than 0.1%) Surface RT customers who have installed Windows RT 8.1 have been impacted." As we reported earlier today, Microsoft has now released a  Surface RT Recovery Image. along with instructions to download and install the image on Surface RT tablets that have been affected by the Windows RT 8.1 installation problems.

Microsoft has not offered any information on what happened to cause these software update problems, and it has yet to announce when the Windows RT 8.1 update will return to the Windows Store, stating, only "we apologize for any inconvenience." While the problem may only affect a few Surface RT owners, the fact that the update has been pulled from the store means that other products that use Windows RT, such as the Dell XPS 10 and Lenovo Yoga 11, are currently unable to install the long awaited changes and improvements for the OS.

Source: ZDNet

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Reading all comments on the RT articles makes me believe it is more than 0.1%. And the weird thing is that problems differ per device, ranging from unresponsive touch-screens to unresponsive keyboards etc.

Its hard to just go by comments to tell if its more than .1%

Most of the time, the people that are not having a problem wont be going around posting about it, so it can look bigger than it really is.

From first hand experience, I know the update went through without a hitch on the handful of Surface RTs that I know people own personally, including my own.

Obviously there is something unusual at play on the tablets that have been affected.

I updated my daughters new 32GB RT to 8.1RT and she has had NO issues. So the update worked flawlessly AND I got it for her for $310 and come change on amazon.

nice tablet!