Microsoft Windows Vista SP1 on MSDN & TechNet (Plus)

Microsoft sent out a mail on Wednesday informing MSDN and TechNet Plus users that Windows Vista SP1 images as well as Windows Server 2008 (RTM) have been made available to subscribers. Upon checking however, I was unable to find the promised SP1 image on my TechNet subscription.

Microsoft had last week, backpedaled and decided to move the release for certain [limited amount of] customers and beta testers up from mid-March to mid-to-late-February. I imagine some subscribers have yet to see it appear on their download list but should all go according to plan, those images should be made available before March.

Up to 3 pre-requisites will start appearing through Windows Update for everyone else before mid-March, which is required before SP1 can be installed on Windows Vista. This is due to an update of the update service from within Windows that is required before SP1 can be installed.

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Guys, It's On MSDN Top Subscriber Download's And Microsoft Tech Net Top Subscriber Download's (The One That Uses The Akaimi Download Manager), Not Regular MSDN Subscriber Download's, And Not Regular Microsoft Tech Net Subscriber Download's, Just FYI. Perhaps We Can Get Some Body To Edit The Original Post To Indicate That It Is On MSDN And Microsoft Tech Net Top Subscriber Download's, Just FYI.

No hurry here so you MSDN and Technet guys can be the last guinea pigs before official public release. No offense guys but the track record speaks for itself.

(whocares78 said @ #11)
it's on my MSDN downloading now

have to agree with maddog, the msdn site is rather annoying

the MSDN site truely IS terrible. My god -- what a bad example of what MS products can do :P

If we own an authentic copy of Vista Ultimate x64 (or any version of Vista), can we order a new disc from Microsoft that has whatever version of Vista we own + SP1 in it already? I don't want just any generic disc. I want an authentic one with the Microsot Logo / hologram.

Thanks! For some reason there were two spots I had to click "Log Out" and log back into MSDN, then it appeared... That site drives me nuts.

(rseiler said @ #7.5)
Just standalones in various forms. Integrated releases are slated for later in the month though.

Thank You for telling us it is only the standalone installers. I now know to wait for an intergrated ISO disc some more... [Evil thoughts against M$]

I was checking WU last at 3am in the night, nothing there... after reading this news I checked WU again time is ~5pm, one update ready... wohooo... well no its acually a realtek ethernet driver

It will not be on WU for another month or so. This article is just stating users who have access to MSDN and/or are TECHNET (Plus) subscribers will be able to get the update through the different web portals.

Edit: If you were talking about the three pre-requisites, I apologise as I took your comment as dealing with the SP1 update.

I got Windows Server 2008 images since the day it was RTM'd but nothing on Vista SP1 if I remember correctly thy stated end of the week so its only Thursday. So be PATIENT!!!