Microsoft won't say which division is in charge of Surface

There are a great many questions that we still have concerning the newly revealed Microsoft Surface tablet; we've gone over just some of them in a previous article. One open question that hasn't been addressed by Microsoft or the media is which division of the company will be in charge of the Surface.

On the one hand, the Surface is a hardware product, which means the Entertainment and Devices division could be in control of the product. That's the same division that runs Microsoft's Xbox business, along with Windows Phone and Microsoft Hardware, which makes PC keyboards and mouse products.

On the other hand, Surface is also designed to run Windows 8 and Windows RT. That could mean that the Windows division could have the Surface under its watchful eye.

When we contacted Microsoft to find out which division the Surface will fall under at the company, an official spokesperson would only tell us that " ... we actually have nothing to share on this at the moment." We do have to wonder why Microsoft won't say what part of the company is running the Surface.

If we had to guess, we would think that Surface is under the Windows team, since its head man Steven Sinofsky was front and center at Microsoft's press event for the Surface on Monday. However, we would hope that Microsoft would use some of the team that has worked to make the Xbox a success for the company as well.

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In other news, Microsoft won't disclose the brand of toilet paper they provide their employees.

Who cares.

Not a knock against the author of this post. Just an observation.

But didn't the video say it was an integrated efforts from all (as in Windows+hardware) divisions at Microsoft? They certainly got the hardware right. It's fabulous. Now if only the OS....

I'm not sure how it's set up organizationally, but the team is actually the same as (or rather a spinoff of) the team for original Surface tables.

Why should they say which division is in charge? It is good or bad for the whole company. Based on what I've seen, it has the potential to be good.

John, as an article, this isn't. As an editorial it isn't either. Go take a nap.

rev23dev said,
I think it's more they haven't been told what to say rather than won't say.

The video they played made it seem like Hardware Division had it though.

Agreed. They just haven't been briefed...

rev23dev said,

The video they played made it seem like Hardware Division had it though.

But Ballmer also said that Sinofsky was leading the team. And Sinofsky is head of the Windows division.

Microsoft divisions have traditionally acted like independent companies, fighting with each other almost as much as competitors. With Windows 8, though, Microsoft has been doing much better at having its divisions work together. A lot more collaboration went into WinRT than .NET.