Microsoft: Xbox Fitness may expand to more platforms beyond Xbox One

Microsoft has offered the Xbox Fitness service to Xbox One owners since the launch of the console in late November. This week, the company revealed that the online service could be expanded to other Microsoft-based platforms.

In an interview with Polygon, Dave McCarthy, the general manager for Lifestyle Entertainment at Microsoft Studios, stated:

I don't know what the specific form of it (sic) will take right now, but we're definitely looking at phones, looking at tablets, looking at PCs and figuring out how we provide a consistent user experience across our devices.

Users of the Xbox One version of Xbox Fitness have run nearly 1.5 million virtual workouts since the console launched in November, according to McCarthy. It offers a number of video exercises that feature several well known fitness instructors. The console's Kinect sensor is also used in Xbox Fitness to keep track of the user's progress and make sure they are doing the exercises correctly.

At the moment, Xbox Fitness is available for free for paid members of Xbox Live Gold, although Microsoft will add an additional monthly charge to access the service early next year. While some of the video classes are available for free as well, others have prices up to $30 to download. McCarthy would not reveal just how much revenue Xbox Fitness has generated for Microsoft.

He did state that the largest demographic group for the service is in their early 20s to early 30s. More exclusive content for Xbox Fitness is in the works, including new videos from instructor Tracy Anderson.

Source: Polygon | Image via Microsoft

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I so miss Nike+Kinect Training. It was, by far, the best training software.

XBOX Fitness is more training DVDs combined to the Kinect tracking. The fully virtual training has a lot more variety potential.

I use Xbox fitness quite a bit and enjoy it. Only problem with my room is its really small so if I am doing an exercise in the plank position its hard for kinect to see my entire body on the floor because I am so close.

I've said for a while that Microsoft should partner with a national gym chain in each country, add support for products like Fitbit, Nike Fuel band, and other products like them and create full fitness routines that allow you to workout at home, the gym, and anywhere else. You could then collect all of that data and combine it with apps for iOS, Android, Windows and even diet programs like Atkins, Weight Watchers etc to have a more comprehensive healthy lifestyle ecosystem. They could even put Xbox Ones in the gym for exercising and keeping record of your data and have personal instructors look at your data and consult with you. They could even Skype with the users at home for special one on one training if they don't want to or can't leave the home. There's just so much potential here.

Geezy said,
The point of this is to not have to go to a gym, but I guess it couldn't hurt to have it there too.

At my gym they have a lot of specialty classes and its just as much about the community as it is about the workout. If you have a trainer who has a specific class they could have a group Skype and have specific classes with those who can't make it to the gym, but want to exercise. Some people workout better when they are part of a group. I could easily see where if you exercise with partners, they could reinforce your routine and work with you. A PT(Physical Trainer) could assist when you are performing a specific routine incorrectly and guide you through better movements. You could even have classes where if you have a friend or relative long distance, you could join a class together. If its tied to a local gym, you could exercise at home some times and go to the gym at other times. I know that there are days when I just can't make it, but I would work out more if the time was more convenient for certain classes. There's just a lot of potential here. I just don't know if the people at MS have enough vision to make it happen though.