Microsoft Zune 2.0 to arrive in time for Xmas

Microsoft has confirmed it will detail its second-generation Zune media players in time for the Christmas sales season. Speculation as to what the software giant will announce currently centres on a higher capacity hard drive model and a cheaper, Flash-based Zune.

According to blog Whizbyte, an MS representative emailed it to say: "Zune follows the cycle of the consumer electronics cycle so you can expect an update later this year prior to the holiday season."
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The US holiday season covers not only Christmas but also November's Thanksgiving break, a key point for consumer electronics purchases.

News source: El Reg Hardware

and here is a pretty picture (courtesy of El Reg, hosted locally)

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I got the Zune 1.0, and I'm liking it. However, I am interested to see what Creative does with the Zen product going forward.

I hope the announcement that it will look one hell of a lot better then the mkI comes soon! Pretty sure I'll stay where I am and see what creative have up their sleaves to replace the Zen Vision M!

The interesting thing is that they will price it at the same price if not more than the Ipod. That is no way to compete effectively