Microsoft's ‘behind the scenes' video of E3 paints the new face of Xbox

Microsoft’s E3 2014 presentation was far different than what it showed off on stage for 2013; gone was anything that wasn’t a game. No mention of TV, content deals in the works, and only a very small mention of Kinect.

It’s not a surprise why Microsoft went down this route, but for an official ‘behind the scenes’ look at Microsoft’s E3 presentation, check out the above video.

In the first minute, you can hear the team talk about how they listened to feedback by saying that consumers "don’t want to hear about the business” and later on how the new head of Xbox is all about games.

We all know that E3 is a massive production for all the major players, and this video gives you a taste of all the preparation that has to go into the event to be able to execute it flawlessly. To no surprise, Microsoft says that it starts preparing months in advance.

Source: Microsoft

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tytytucke said,
All of a sudden they care about the gamers. I bet that has everything to do with their below par sale.

Understandable comment, but don't be too cynical. We're all human and make mistakes, then change out minds. Companies are made up of people who need to make a living. I don't work for MS, but it's the same everywhere

They are, just be more positive. Think of the enjoyment we get from the products and technology they promote and develop with our support. Think of the progress. Of course sometimes they succumb to greed and stupidity, and there are people in corporate environments that are just wrong in the head, but they're a small minority. Overall things are not that bad. There are corporate leaders that really do love their customers, just as customers love them. There's no shame in love brah :-)