Microsoft's 'WebApp' now also removed from the Windows Phone Store

Earlier today we reported that Microsoft has removed the "WebApp" based on Southwest's mobile site from the Windows Phone Store. We also noted at that time that the Atari Arcade app put in place by Microsoft had also been removed. Now we can report that at least one more web app,, has been taken down.

While the actual page on the Windows Phone Store site is still up, the listing does show that the app "is no longer published." It's also been removed from the Microsoft WebApp listing page too. We had contacted for contact on Monday taking their opinion on this matter and have done so again with this new development.

This shows that Microsoft's efforts to increase the number of apps listed on the Windows Phone Store by taking content from other mobile apps is getting some resistance by at least three companies, and it's possible more could raise objections. We are still awaiting Microsoft to get back in touch with us about our original Southwest app story.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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