Microsoft's co-founders Bill Gates and Paul Allen get together on Twitter

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen left the company he helped to create in 1983, but he still keeps in touch with his former team members. This week, Allen and Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates decided to team up for a recreation of an early Microsoft photo from 1981.

The original image showed Allen and Gates surrounded by several early PCs:

The new photo, which Allen posted on his Twitter page Wednesday, has himself and Gates once again surrounded by old school PCs. reports that the new image was taken earlier this week at Allen’s Living Computer Museum in Seattle and its staff managed to collect the PCs in the original picture to make the new photo.

The occasion for this week's meeting was a celebration of computer pioneers at the Living Computer Museum, where folks such as Atari founder Nolan Bushnell got together to talk about the early days of the PC revolution. It's the same celebration where Allen and Gates showed off their very early resumes.

Allen was pretty harsh in his depiction of Gates in his 2011 autobiography, "Idea Man," but apparently the two men have settled any differences they have had with each other.

Source: | Images via GeekWire and Paul Allen

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Would be nice if they used newer PC's to see where we have come since that first shot.
This photo too, always makes me love the movie Pirates of Silicon Valley. The guy they used for Allen looks just like that old picture, and Anthony Hall is a awesome Gates down to the exact detail.

Bill has a bigger smile knowing he has more money than Allen who actually founded the company. lol. Bill is like "I may be Co, but as far as money, I got Mo".

AsherGZ said,
First pic looks like a father son potrait. Can't believe Bill is just four years younger.
Agree. Second pic they look the same age. lol.

What a great picture. Which one's the computer?

But a serious comment. Notice the computer top left? Yes. It's an Apple II. Which only took off after Microsoft wrote the software for it. Applesoft. Remember? When you first turned on an Apple computer, first thing on the screen was "Copyright Microsoft 1976"

Pity they never got credit for that. This was the first of three occasions where Microsoft rescued Apple from oblivion.

Edited by Major Plonquer, Apr 4 2013, 6:56pm :

I can recall the infamous $150 million investment in 1997, what else was there?

Anyway, it's great to see this. I could only dream of doing something that revolutionary for the world.

Faces only a mom could love. On the other hand, with their wealth, they could have almost any woman out there.

JHBrown said,
Faces only a mom could love. On the other hand, with their wealth, they could have almost any woman out there.

Scene from Pirates of Silicon Valley:

Bill: I think I had a date tonight with Ann.

Steve: I thought she was away on business.

Bill: She is.

Steve: Then how can you have a date?

Bill: Well, I go to a movie here, and then she goes to the same movie in Denver, and then we talk on the phone about it afterwards.

Steve: Jeez Bill, I hate to see what happens when you two have sex.