Microsoft's corporate PR head confirms TechEd will be back in 2015

Microsoft VP Brad Anderson presented the TechEd 2014 keynote address.

A few months ago, there were some rumors that this week's TechEd North America conference in Houston, Texas would be the last such event that Microsoft would hold. Today, a new blog post from the company would seem to dispel those reports.

The post, written by Microsoft's corporate vice president of communications Frank X. Shaw, stated the importance of TechEd for the company. He wrote:

It’s part of our ongoing commitment to IT Pros – to give them the tools they need to deliver business results. It’s a key milestone as the cloud matures into a highly productive environment for enterprise computing. It’s further demonstration of our unique position at the crossroads where IT, developers and business users meet. And it’s over. Until next year, where we’ll have a chance to do it all over again. With feeling.

This week's conference put a ton of focus on Microsoft's cloud services for enterprise customers, and announced new products such a preview of Microsoft Azure RemoteApp, which will allow companies to offer remote desktop access to its employees across a wide range of devices.

Microsoft has yet to announce when or where TechEd North America 2015 will be held. It plans to hold TechEd New Zealand in September, followed by TechEd Europe in Barcelona, Spain in October.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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I hope they bring it back to Houston! It was awesome. Met lots of great people, especially a vice president of a major tech company. I'm a student based in Houston, TX and it was a wonderful experience. I hope Microsoft continues to host more events in Houston and realize the growing technology hub this city has to offer.

Been going to TechEd for a number of years here and there and I can say that it has been going downhill every year. This year the new CEO did not even show up for a keynote, wtf? MS has also discont. TechNet subscriptions to IT Pros, getting rid of high level certifications, discont. the config con they did every year, etc. Been following the comments about the venue at this year in Houston and how the venue sucked, the city boring, the food horrible, etc. I went to the one in 2013 and could tell even that was the standards from past TechEds had slipped.

I like MS products and enjoy admin'ing many of them but MS support to their IT Pros just sucks bad. This year we are looking at a new configuration management tool and MDM. Personally I pushed the company away from MS products and onto others. Just do not feel MS will give us the support we need, esp after dealing with them and our Office 365 rollout.

Sorry, but Houston is not "boring" and the George R. Brown convention center doesn't suck. The GRB is a decent convention center and they're working on fixing it up from the front side. Discovery Green is a great park right across from the center. How was the food horrible?

Houston has a lot of unique cultural attractions like the Museum District, there's a lot of Downtown sites you can walk to or catch the Greenlink on from the GRB, there's a theater district, the Galleria/Uptown, and many quaint neighborhoods to visit. You obviously did not take the time to look up travel sites or guides regarding Houston because there's a lot to do if you're not familiar with the city.