Microsoft's daily Bing home page image chosen for "user happiness"

When Microsoft launched the Bing search website in 2009, the biggest thing that made it different than Google's site, at least on the surface, was that the front page had a different and beautiful photograph that has been changed every single day since the launch. Typically, the image is a static photo but on occasion, the front page uploads an HTML5-based animation.

So with 365 (366 in leap years) images to select every year for the home page, how does Microsoft's team pick which one to showcase on one of the most popular websites on the Internet? The official Bing blog, written this time by Microsoft's Matt Wallaert, states that normally, the search team is normally looking to give the user satisfaction when they search for something via, but for the front page photo the team looks to give a different type of emotion from the user.

Wallaert states:

While it may not increase your life satisfaction by helping you get something done, a quick look at Twitter and Facebook will tell you that it is a source of momentary delight for millions of people every day. The editorial team behind choosing the image carefully considers user happiness in every selection they make, working to maximize the surprise and delight we can get by simply taking a moment to explore our world visually.

Wallaert says the Bing team wants to generate delight from its users when they check out images on the Bing Friends Photos feature. Even the ability to preview a video in Bing Video Search, via the cursor hovering over the video thumbnail, is supposed to bring delight. Wallaert adds, "Is it a huge feature? No. And while it certainly has some utility, it isn’t the reason I use video search. But what it does do is surprise and delight me every time I need to use it."

Source: Bing blog | Image via Microsoft

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I love these images too and using an App "Lockerz" (from Windows Store) through which you can set these pretty images as your Win8 machine lock screen.

I use Bing desktop at work so my background changes every day. Sometimes I don't have anything on my second screen so the background shows and every so often someone will walk by and say "wow where did you get that?" I enjoy the backgrounds and that is my reason I switched from Google to Bing.

I agree. I absolutely love seeing the new image every day. It's startling just how much beauty there is in the world that we don't even know exists.

I believe this... A lot of people seem to check Bing just to see what the picture will be today... lol It is a very appealing search engine.

A340600 said,
Speaking of the Bing homepage, what happened to the bottom pane with trends and other info?

Its still there. You may need to click the expand button on the bottom right. It should look like two arrows either pointing towards, or away from each other. Or on the bottom left, click the arrow next to "Popular Now"

Nope. And it's the same in IE10. The other day I saw a new layout for the info pane, but removed cookies and history and was back to the current layout (not the bare one I now have).

Bing just has more tools and useful info upfront for me, saves a lot of clicking. I only use google when results from bing yield nothing (only to be confirmed by google that there really is nothing).

Dont really care for the pics on Bing. I like the pics, but prefer having a plain/minimalistic back ground. I used to have Google setup to have a bunch of crap on the screen, but since just reverted back to the simple/plain look. I dont need to see the pics to be happy.

I think this is true. I actually get surprised with the picture. I think the average person will agree. Hey, if my key result is number 4 and number 1, who really cares.

I find the main search results pretty good for bing here in Canada.. its just the map search that is a bit lacking up here..

I used to have a background set on Google of an Inca Tern (look them up, they're cute) because the moustached bird made me smile. Since they've taken it away, I got bored with seeing a boring blank Google page and switched to Bing so I could see something pretty when I loaded the browser.