Microsoft's fix for Automatic Updates lockup not working

Even after users deployed a fix suggested by Microsoft Corporation, Windows systems are still locking up. Symptoms of the long-running problem, which the Windows Server Update Services team dubbed the "svchost/msi issue", include 100% CPU usage by svchost.exe and its multiple processes when Automatic Updates is in use or simply enabled on a machine. A hotfix for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 systems is available on the Microsoft support site and will be pushed out via Microsoft's usual update services, including Windows Update and Microsoft Update, late this month or in early June.

Users will also need to download and install the new stand-alone WSUS 3.0 client, even those who don't rely on the enterprise-centric WSUS for updates, to completely patch the problem. "It's important to keep in mind that the new WSUS client is only a partial solution and clients must have both KB927891 and the new 3.0 client installed for a full solution," according to the WSUS team blog. The new client and the WSUS update to Version 3.0 will be available on May 22 but is also already available on MSDN. Angered users poured out their frustration on the WSUS blog after installing the hotfix and updating the WSUS client; the issue was still present. The only temporary fix is to disable AU - obviously not the best solution.

Download: Update #927891 package
View: Updating the Windows Update Agent
News source: ComputerWorld

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my bad.. I realize at the end of the day, it is still a case of waiting for msi.dll and wuaueng.dll to finish their business before I can proceed..

NightmarE D said,
It's a joke that some people are implying that they purposely did this to get people to upgrade to Windows Vista

Grow up people

That's probably true, but what IS worrying is that because Microsoft have been found guilty more than once in the past of what can best be described as some very 'dubious' (almost unethical) practices, many people naturally and understandably don't trust the company and so such suggestions aren't beyond the realms of possibility.

Sad really - there must be more to life than worrying about when the worlds most successful software company might next screw you over.

One thing I've thought about with this problem here is how this has been an issue for a long time now, but it's only gotten progressively worse with the amount of patches that need to be detected. That is to say - it's affected by how many are available from Microsoft, with no regard to how many are installed or need installing.

I'm almost wondering if Office 2007 will begin to be affected by this problem in the future once there's dozens of updates available if the update detection code isn't changed... :worried:

As for your fix, XPGoD, it doesn't work for me, and hasn't on any of the many systems I've tried it (I've seen a few similar variations in the past). Specifically; I've tried it in a bare-bones VMWare image with only Windows XP SP2, Office 2003, and Microsoft Update - still chews through CPU.

It doesn't seem to bother me any and besides, AU works at like 3:00 AM daily for me, so why do I care. Why would anyone care, either disable it or set it for a time when you will be asleep and won't care/notice it.

More important things in life than worrying about what MS is doing. And no, they are not doing this to get you to upgrade to Vista. The company could buy and sell everyone worldwide 10 times over, they don't need the extra money. This would be a ploy done by a company that is desparate - they are not.

Grow up.

If you were "grown up" and in the "real world" then you would know that this is a very important thing as it affects the productivity of workers the world over and the result is loss of money for businesses. These kinds of slip ups happen, but are not excusable.

Sure there are 'more important things in life.' There are a lot of more important things in life. You could make that comment about every single news story posted on Neowin since its existence. So what is your point? Why are you even here? Don't you have more important things to do?

I turned off auto updates over this, my system would use so much cpu %, i'm not happy.
I thought MS has beta testers who test these things before they deploy? hmmmmm...

Huh? Are they busting their own update system?? :S

For Microsoft's own good, I hope they won't bust it enough to make it hard to use AU to get an update for the busted update.

Ugh. Ran afoul of this problem a number of weeks ago at my place of work.

We thought it was a virus of some sort as this also disconnects any TCP/IP attached Novell Netware volumes, and can randomly crash a number of systems services such as the firewall.

I traced it down to being a WSUS problem and thought it was something to do with the server.. like it'd been hacked or something. Then had a hallelujiah moment when I read about the similar problems other folks had been having.

Come on Microsoft, for heavens sake. Fix your damn software.

^ Damn right. I've had this annoyance on multiple machines with different versions on Windows (XP Home, Pro, 2003) for bloody ages, hence my using AutoPatcher and WindizUpdate with a backup of MBSA (which doesn't seem to screw up for some reason). The biggest problem is the stupid insistence that wuauwhatever has to run in the same svchost as about 25 other things, and if any of them go down the whole system is unstable so when the 100% CPU happens you're stuffed unless you can stop the wuau sub-process using Process Explorer or similar.

I've tried all listed suggestions: rename SoftwareDistribution, roll back to WU, deregister and reregister dlls (haven't tried the batch file catted above yet), applied the "oh, this fixes it" patch from Microsoft and nothing makes the slightest difference. I have no idea why some machines are fine and some just refuse to work.

Edit: having to validate Windows to download a patch (9278921) for their ****-up is just another example of ****ing off the customer. Your crap needs a patch to work regardless of my installation's "validity".

This really shut down 3 of us at work on Friday morning. We couldn't do anything except tinker with our own computers. Boss was definitely not happy, but what can you do? I wonder how much money was burned worldwide due to this "slip-up" by MS that is actually very much comparable to the Blaster virus. Difference is, the Blaster virus has a fix that actually worked within a day or two. This has been an existing problem for awhile now and still no universal fix.

For shame, MS. For shame.

I actually sorted this problem on a pc last running xp home by using autopatcher xp and installing the windows update version 6 in the updated options section, reboot, problem sorted worked for me worth a go if ur still having problems

I just ran an !analyze -hang -f in the Microsoft Debugger on the dmp file they had me create for them, and this is what it

* *
* Exception Analysis *
* *

Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.

Probably caused by : msi.dll ( msi!AllocSpc+10 )
Followup: MachineOwner

Edit: to bold my lol

It's amazing that it's taking them so long to sort this problem. I was installing XP on my friends mac at the weekend and while I was there updated the mac as well. Boy was it easy, no hassle whatsoever. It's annoying how easily it cold be done but MS always make it harder. /not a mac fanboy

I experienced the "svchost/msi" problem--complete with 100% CPU usage and evetual locking up of XP. I got my system up and running at normal speed by disabling automatic updades (I chose the "notify when updates are available" option) and opting out of the new, all-inclusive "Automatic Update" service. I'm experiencing one remaining problem, however. Whenever I'm connected to the internet, a constant, unceasing download goes on automatically--it never stops. Three questions:

1. What can I do to stop the downloading and delete any files it may be creating?
2. Could the downloading be Automatic Updates that began when I tried the new Automatic Update service and that my system now wants to complete?
3. And could this finding be related to my problem: When I open the "Windows" system folder and then the subfolder "assembly," I find it contains 143 folders (31.8MB) all called "download." Oddly, opening one "download" folder reveals another which reveals another until all 143 folders have been opened. The last one has an icon something like a pencil and writing tablet.

I'm a PC novice and baffled by the constant downloading from an unknown source. Interested in your thoughts.


So far just installing KB927891 seems to fix the issue. After rebooting I run Microsoft Update and it does seem to take a bit longer than usual but completes fine.

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