Microsoft's Gates: Say Goodbye to VoIP As You Know It

Microsoft Tuesday stepped onto the VoIP stage with the rollout of its unified communications portfolio. In a keynote address at the San Francisco event, Chairman Bill Gates touted the benefits of software-based computing and the power of integrating presence and click-to-talk features into business applications.

Later, in a conversation with CMP Channel Assistant News Editor Jennifer Hagendorf Follett, Gates said Microsoft channel is evolving to meet the new opportunity, but noted that channel capacity could be the biggest challenge the Redmond, Wash.-based vendor faces as it moves into the unified communications market against foes like Cisco Systems. He also downplayed the likelihood of Google and open-source VoIP staking a claim in the enterprise space, and revealed how his own work life has changed as a result of the technology.

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It'll be nice to see what happens when that 700MHz opens up. VoIP could be an amazing thing with all that spectrum to play with.

It would be so awesome to see this technology implemented onto Windows Home Server... This will skyrocket Microsoft shares in ten-folds I think...

All I know, is that the VoIP Cisco phones we use at work SUCK! It's the most complicated phone system I've ever seen. The whole advanced PBX VoIP thing just plain sucks and is mad laggy when parking or picking up calls. It's just aweful. If Microsoft can actually improve this system I hope they will.