Microsoft's 'Get Legal' Program

Microsoft is providing businesses with unlicensed software—and the partners supporting them—a new option to purchase Windows XP. Yeah, Windows XP.

It would be so easy to dis Vista, particularly given last week's XP OEM licensing extension, but Microsoft's program makes sense. Windows XP is the right focus.

The new program, GGWA (Get Genuine Windows Agreement), complements another, GGK (Get Genuine Kit), launched in summer 2006. Microsoft channel partners fulfill both programs, which provide businesses a way to get legal copies of Windows XP on PCs that shipped without operating systems or that are loaded with unlicensed software.

"The channel partner serves our mutual customer and continues to be that trusted advisor," Cori Hartje, Microsoft's Genuine Software Initiative director, told me this afternoon.

Microsoft is more concerned about getting business customers legal than chasing them down and branding them as software pirates. Through the GGK program, Microsoft partners provide CD media to businesses, which Hartje said was too much hassle for many IT organizations.

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That first poster is almost on target. Ship computers with no OS at all, so anyone and everyone could choose what they wanted, and then, maybe, MS wouldn't be raping you for the cost of the OS to begin with!! Or, maybe they'd learn to test their stuff against third party hardware/software before releasing it, thusly making everyone using the crap have to wait for a service pack update immediatley after acquiring the new POS!

I don't think that a forced "No OS" PC is the right way.

I would rather see all PCs allowed to be purchased without the OS, so every computer has an option to not buy bundled Windows or OSX with it. Some users already have licenses for those OSes (by transfer or other reasons), and some of us (gasp! ) may even prefer Linux or such.

how about: ship all pcs with no OS on and then you pick what YOU want, not what some annoying over-rated american company wants. Businesses are switching to decent stable OS's like linux now anyway, and apart from the fact that MS is selling XP licenses at something like £100 still for professional and you can get the COAs for about £30 each off ebay means that anyone with the slighest common sence would not get it from MS in the first place.