Microsoft's Hotmail comes to Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet

Hotmail still dominates as the most popular web-based email service and today Microsoft updated its Windows Live blog site with some Hotmail news, specifically for owners of Amazon's popular Kindle Fire tablet. The company has released a new version of the Hotmail client for the Kindle Fire.

According to the blog site, the Kindle Fire version of the Hotmail client has some differences from the normal Kindle Fire email client:

Whereas the native Kindle application simply downloads your mail via POP3, with the new Hotmail app you can sync all your mail, contacts, folders, and subfolders via the more robust Exchange Active Sync protocol. Because the Kindle Fire uses a different implementation of Android, we needed to make some updates to our previous Hotmail app for Android to ensure it worked well.

Microsoft also announced today that over three million active users have downloaded and used the regular Android client for Hotmail. They are joined by 12 million more active users for the iOS version of Hotmail. That means that there are a total of 15 million smartphone and tablet users that are using Microsoft's Hotmail on non-Microsoft operating systems.

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The official Hotmail app for Android is pretty good, wish they'd add tablet support for all tablets though...really sucks they will only support the Kindle Fire

Works pretty well in Android and syncs Live calendar to the phone really well. I wish they would now bring One Note. It has been on the iPhone for a year now.

flexkeyboard said,
Hotmail team doesn't give a crap what SteveB thinks Just look at their login page. They promote the iPhone instead of WP7, insane.

You dont need an app for WP7 so why promote it? Its in the setup stage to login with your Live account.

EDIT: Actually i just looked that seems to be a Samsung WP7 device on the left..
Unless the fact the iPhone is centered compared to the other phones?