Microsoft's IE global usage 94,8% reported today that Microsoft's Internet Explorer has a total global usage share of 94.8 percent. Microsoft's Internet Explorer continues to dominate the global browser market. Microsoft's IE 6 is currently the leading browser on the web. Microsoft's IE 6 global usage has increased with 1.8 percent from 66.3 percent to 68.1 percent since July 2003. Mozilla's global usage share is 1.8 percent and Opera 7 has a global usage of 0.8 percent. The global usage share of Apple's Safari browser has increased with 0.23 percent from 0.25 to 0.48 percent since July 2003.

The most popular browsers on the web are:

1. Microsoft IE 6.0 - 68.1%

2. Microsoft IE 5.5 - 13.8%

3. Microsoft IE 5.0 - 11.8%

4. Mozilla - 1.8%

5. Opera 7.0 - 0.8%

6. Microsoft IE 4.0 - 0.7%

7. Safari - [B]0.48%[B]

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sub - the evidence is depressingly true to support afrotrance's point.

-continuous problems re security

-rendering and wc3 complaince issues

-often crashes

-poor design interms of activex - the ease of spyware to get onto your pc via it

-windows security issues caused by IE

none of these things happen in mozilla.