Microsoft's Internet Explorer head working on 'something new' inside company

The Microsoft executive in charge of Internet Explorer has announced he will be leading a new team working on "something new" inside Microsoft, though what exactly that entails remains a mystery.

Dean Hachamovitch, who has worked at Microsoft since 1990, announced his move in a post on the IEblog. The post contained no hints as to what he may be working on, beyond saying the executive expects he will "continue blogging in the near future at a different Microsoft address on a new topic." ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley says the move fits with Microsoft's recent reorganization, as the Internet Explorer team exists under Terry Myerson's operating systems division, and he's reportedly putting his own team in place.

While Hachamovitch's future role isn't known, the likely direction for Internet Explorer is one that heavily relies on a cloud infrastructure and cross-platform use.

Windows 8.1's Internet Explorer 11 includes the ability to sync tabs across devices running the operating system, and it's believed that same ability will come to Windows Phone with its next major update, expected to come early next year. Performance has similarly increased in the browser, which offers improved touch recognition as well. As Microsoft's operating system unit continues working closer together, it's likely the browser will include more improvements between the company's platforms.

Microsoft released Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 on Thursday, though it lacks the tab-syncing feature of its Windows 8.1 counterpart because the older operating system doesn't require users to have Microsoft Accounts.

Source: IEblog via ZDNet | Image via Microsoft

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Not bashing Ms here as I usually do but, it is an interesting note that web developers have to redesign websites for IE11 to work? IE used to be the standard. But this isn't the case if entire websites have to be redesigned to work with IE11.


chrisj1968 said,
Not bashing Ms here as I usually do but, it is an interesting note that web developers have to redesign websites for IE11 to work? IE used to be the standard. But this isn't the case if entire websites have to be redesigned to work with IE11.


Who told you that? A friend of a friend of a friend who made a GeoCities site 15 years ago?

WTF are you even saying? IE11 is the most standards compliant version of IE to date, and it's much faster than the competitors.

The sites that don't render fine are the ones that DO use old IE-specific code. If developers use web standard code from the W3C (not using browser specific or engine specific codes such as WebKit), sites render flawlessly on all browsers.

Therefore, that's the developers fault not the browsers.

chrisj1968 said,
Not bashing Ms here as I usually do but, it is an interesting note that web developers have to redesign websites for IE11 to work? IE used to be the standard. But this isn't the case if entire websites have to be redesigned to work with IE11.


Not calling you a stupid ignorant untalented web dev, but I am. Please check some of the bile you spew out in future, what you just said was absolute crap!

REALLY? that's interesting. No I'm NOT a DEV But I've been around here listening to those who are in the know to know enough.

It has already been told to me that IE11's big issue is that webpages need to be rewritten to work with IE11 and some are still rewriting for IE10 still.

As for spewing bile.. I take exception to that comment as I have vomitted bile due to multiple bowel surgeries and it is awful. I'll give you a pass on this one.

My use of language was purely because of how you worded yours, as in starting with "not bashing Ms......" and then proceeding to do exactly that.

Websites do not need to be coded again for IE11 (or 10), but they do need a tiny bit adding to say 'if IE10 or 11 then don't do anything different' - this is only if the sites themselves have any code that didn't work in older versions meaning that the web dev put a bit of code in that detects if the browser is IE and then delivers different code.

IE10 and 11 should work just fine with standards, so long as they code with standards then there is nothing special that is needed for IE.

Now, if the dev is using browser specific code (code that targets specific browsers) then its not using standard compliant code, its using code that the specific browser enabled before it was standardised. This is why webkit is having a detrimental effect due to its use of proprietary extensions made before the things were standardised.

So some websites have moz and webkit specific code that of cource wont work in IE, IE waits for the W3c to make it into a standard and implements the standard compliant version. If web devs are using browser specific code in the meantime then they should be well aware at the time that they are going to need to go back to this website at some point and make it standards compliant again - because simply by using none standard browser specific tags they are breaking standards themselves.

There are far more 'web devs' out there that no little about the damage they do, and just prefer to hate on IE.

but WHY aren't website developers coding their sites for IE in mind? there has to be a reason and you and I don't and canNOT speak for them.

If anyone who develops websites who is neither pro/con against MS could chime in.

MS bashing.. If I don't care for something I just say my peace

I'm really sick of all the IE-bashing... it's 2013... IE11 is a completely different browser than what IE6/7/8 were. It's faster than all other browsers, provides awesome integration into the OS, and HTML5 videos works amazing compared to the others. Give IE11 a try before bashing it.

Also, regarding sites that don't render good... it's because developers that are using non-standard code, browser-specific/engine-specific code, etc. Good developers design using standard code which render fine in all browsers (including IE). I switched from Chrome to IE11 and never looking back.

A lot of web devs grew up through the early 2000's when IE6 was exactly _that_ bad, Opera Free had banner ads, and Gecko's Netscape had crashed, burned, and was just finding its legs with Phoenix/Firebird.

The worst thing MS did was release two more versions to further convince people that it couldn't do any better. It was bad until version 9 - some people just don't develop new notions about software.

I know what Microsoft is going to do.......whatever Google is going to do with Chrome.

Microsoft isn't hard to figure out. Whatever their competition (aka the "frontrunner) announces what they are going to do, Microsoft will announce the same thing also a few minutes later.

The sheer amount of pure ignorance displayed in this thread is overwhelming, its almost like people are really dumb and their opinions are stuck in the past or something?

No.. it's one browser over another. IE "used to be" the standard browser everyone used.

MS has some competition. I have IE11 but never use it because even my banks website doesn't work with IE11. Although the state that a MS browser is necessary IE10 has been out for how long? then came IE11... I'm not complaining, I just remember what some people tell me are in the know around here.

For an honest belief here.. It has to be standards. Chrome seems to be in the lead as some are less then happy with the firefox updates constantly. Chrome got the update correct by having it update in the background. It is a fight to the finish!

it would be nice if they released a consumer focused browser and leave IE for business. A new web engine and performance that will make bloated chrome blush.

Every browser out there has issues.
Just having to cope with every single issue/extra code is sometimes aggrevating to say the least.

Oh... look... in IE, Chrome and FireFox it finally looks all the same. Phew...
But hey, what's going on in Opera..?? AAAAAAAAAaaargghhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or alike ;-)

Only menu systems are a bitch now, especially on tablets. Dropdown menus etc. often don't work properly without some extra fiddling :-\

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