Microsoft's Kinect tech used for "magic mirror" concept

Microsoft first developed the Kinect motion and voice detection technology for its Xbox 360 game console. Since Kinect was released as an add-on controller-camera in November 2010, others have been creating third party applications for the device. Microsoft has tried to encourage that activity and in 2011 released an official Kinect SDK for Windows 7 users. Now the technology is being used for a new prototype product that sounds like it comes straight out of a science fiction movie, specifically Minority Report.

According to a report from the Nieman Journalism Lab web site, the New York Times' R&D department has been working on a project with the working name of "the magic mirror". The device is a true mirror that a person looks into while in his or her bathroom. You can still use it for things like brushing your teeth or combing your hair. However, using the Kinect technology allows the mirror to use both motion sensing and voice recognition features to activate the device's hardware.

Those hardware features include things like displaying news headlines and videos to the user. It can also allow a person to update their calendar for the day, send messages out to others in the home or outside the home or even do some quick online shopping. It can even be used to help in the bathroom. For example, putting a drug package in front of the mirror could display the directions on how to take the drug safely in the mirror, instead of having to squint to read the directions on the packaging itself. Obviously this mirror is just a concept at the moment but it certainly shows that the Kinect technology can be used for far more than just gaming.

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This “magic mirror” would be unbelievable. You're right, it definitely seems like something out of Minority Report. Even though it seems like it could possibly be the coolest invention yet, do you think it would take a while for people to catch onto the trend of buying or even using it?

Within 6 months of release we'll have Kinect trojans and Norton AV Magic Mirror Edition. Six months after that, Apple will release a new one that claims to have no viruses and "just works" but you have to pay extra to actually see yourself in the mirror.

This is really cool cus if you can send messages around the home you can send a message to the bathroom mirror telling her to hurry up, then if she doesn't take a photo of her and in real time start doodling on it like drawing moustaches etc. I'm sure that would get her to hurry up

Nice, but what if LuLSec or Anonymous get control of my Kinect. Their would be a NSFW 3D structure of me.

s3n4te said,
How long does an average person stand in front of their mirror?

Depends if you are a man or a woman. When she is getting ready to go out, my girlfriend is in the bathroom in front of the mirror easily 1.5 hours.