Microsoft's latest infographic highlights Bing's growth in 2013

While there are many who feel that Microsoft should sell off its Bing business, the company seems to be proud of the progress that has been made with its search service, both in terms of the amount of new user activity as well as adding additional content and features. This week. Microsoft highlighted some of Bing's growth in 2013 in both a new blog post and an infographic, shown below.

The blog post has one interesting statistic at the very bottom. Microsoft says, "Bing was the only major search engine to have more monthly searches now than it did in January." There's no specific numbers mentioned, but it's an interesting claim to make and we will be contacting Microsoft to find out more about this tidbit of info.

The infographic also claims that the amount of search activity on Bing Video has doubled compared to a year ago. Once again, specific numbers were not revealed. Microsoft added some new features for people who search for Internet videos via Bing in September, including larger and higher resolution previews of video clips.

In terms of content, Microsoft says that it now indexes 500 million tweets from Twitter and over 2 billion Facebook status updates every day. It adds, "That means, that in one week, we ingest more data into Bing than the number of webpages that existed in 2005." Microsoft quietly renewed its search partnership with Twitter a few weeks ago.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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I'd use Bing exclusively if I could but, for those times when "search by date" is needed, and it's more often than I'd like, I'm forced to use Google. /shudder

Why MS? Why can't we search by date outside of the USA? It can't be that hard to implement can it, does everything not have a date assoc'd with it anyway?

After shunning Bing for absolutely years I have since converted for all general search. The video search is particularly good.
The only time I'll use Google now is for a particularly context sensitive search and if Bing has not been able to bring something back quickly.

I am personally very impressed by the evolution of Bing, which is actually evolving faster then Google did, and am looking forward to the integration in apps, Cortana and Xbox One.

When using Siri for voice searches on iOS 7 it will use Bing primarily, wikipedia, and wolframalpha, never google.

Google is still default search engine in Safari.

alwaysonacoffebreak said,
And it still sucks outside the US. Sorry but it's the sad truth.

so you won't use facebook outside of US? Its a new search engine, the more people use it the better it will be. google wasn't perfect at day 1 and still isn't. Personally I think there are so many add-ons (like facebook, images of the day ...) that distract you when you search on bing compared to google, but search result are equally good.