Microsoft's latest Surface commercial is all about productivity

Microsoft’s campaign to make the Surface branding a household name is in full swing. With advertisements hitting the web, TV and even the subways, Microsoft is putting promotional material on every type of medium.

Posted above is the latest commercial to feature Microsoft’s new tablet. The theme of this commercial is to highlight Surface productivity by using the included Office applications. Seeing as no other tablets (excluding Windows RT devices) on the market come with Office, Microsoft is hoping to use the productivity software as a differentiator when compared to Apple’s iPad and the dozens of Android tablets that are currently on retail shelves.

The Surface represents a bold shift in Microsoft strategy as the company is now competing head-to-head with the OEMs who helped to make Microsoft the dominant player in the market that it is today. 

For Microsoft, the Surface is the start of a new generation for the company as it moves from relying on OEMs to build the next best thing and instead has shifted to internal resources to help keep Microsoft competitive going forward.

Source: YouTube

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I think that was terrible. It spun a almost generic tablet about the screen and flashed a few meaningless icons (from app loading tiles) on the screen with two words being typed into a PowerPoint.

Yes, there's something you can't do similarly or better anywhere else. USP demonstrated: none.


As a consumer I'm getting nothing about productivity from this. I see a glint of office apps amidst flashy colors and spinning tablets. I get a VERY brief look at the ports on the side. MS, think about your AVERAGE CONSUMER. I'm tech savvy. I build and repair computers. I keep up with this stuff and the commercial just goes right by me as a woosh of colors. Pick ONE feature and do a 30 second spot for each one; office, usb, hdmi, extra storage, etc., productivity? I saw lots of flashing keyboard colors in rapid succession and I think maybe I saw an Excel app icon for a split second. I think it was more of an add for LSD or something.

Surface. Not even once.

"all about productivity"? I just saw 10 seconds showing some Slideshows and a loading screen of Excel, PowerPoint and Word.

If that is an example of MS's commercial, tablets with Windows-8 is still being pitched as an expensive toy--games, surfing the Internet, social networking, using cutesy apps, etc. I have not seen a commercial featuring any kind of keyboard-centric content creation--typing up a multiple-page report, entering data into an Excel spreadsheet, entering data into proprietary applications. Maybe, because the tablet with Windows-8 was never designed with those tasks in mind. So, the great divide remains--tablets with Windows-8, laptops and desktops with Windows-7.

@TsarNikky - Good thing you aren't in control of a Marketing department. No one wants to see an ad about typing up a report. That's not sexy or interesting to the masses. They want their stupid expensive tablets with do stupid tricks and novelties . i.e. - iPad

Depends on the marketplace to whom you are pitching tablets and Windows-8. Clearly, it is not for the traditional office setting. Any wonder Windows-8 has received such a very lukewarm reception from the business community?

TsarNikky said,
Clearly, it is not for the traditional office setting.

Of course it's for the traditional office setting. This commercial isn't, but the product clearly is.

Of course it's for the traditional office setting. This commercial isn't, but the product clearly is.

Actually it isn't for traditional office settings because Windows RT lacks a host of enterprise features such as joining a domain for example.

LookitsPuck said,
You guys posted an older video.

Nope, that's the right video. There's about 10 seconds changed from the video you're thinking of. Good ad, not newsworthy IMO but I clicked the link anyway.