Microsoft's Latest Viral Marketing - Site of Champions

Microsoft has put on-line a new viral marketing campaign related to Games for Windows.

Once you get past the coded entrance door there is lots to explore and figure out. My guess is that Microsoft is forming a gaming championship for games for Windows and possibly Xbox 360 players.

Over to you guys to fully figure out ''

View: Site of Champions

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The code to get in is: 82207 [click the light bulb above the door knob]

Then if you click the book you get some kindoff task list

If you click the lamp you get some kindoff light which shows up some microsoft games.

If you click the TV you can watch some videos by clicking on the tapes. Click both the post edges to see a poster, and the calender says 22nd august. [The video thing links from the book btw]

You can also click the briefcase below the sofa and the game machine

Thats all I could find so far.

In the Tv room you can click the animal on the wall and it will fall down, also you can click the moose on the wall and it make a noise too.

Ya, figured out those already... Is there more than there seems, or do we have to wait for another "content update" to finish the puzzle further?

What is this... 82207 you speak of.... Maybe it is a secret code... Maybe it is a zip code?....

Hmm I will put all of our best scientist on this and we will run it through our ecliptolitagraph to decipher it.

Could it be a key for a hex or oct string? CLEVER LITTLE MS! YOU WILL NEVER STUMP US!


the furthest I can get like other people above is the case which plays the reverse speech saying "you've got too much time on your hands"

I dont think there is anything you can do until the date which appears everywhere.

It's for halo 3. Clicking on the clocks in the background everything went dark, the moose's eyes lit up and you see silhouette of master chief, some alien, the warthog and one of those little dudes. Gona keep playing with the site though. Also click the phone enough times and you can enter your email to get updates

There's a suitcase under the couch... it will only appear after you click on the leg of the "leg-lamp." However, the suitcase disappears after you click on it.

I dont think this site is purely for Halo 3. I'm sure I saw a "Games For Windows" copyright on the page somewhere, so unless Bungie are gonna shock everyone by announcing a simultaneus release on Windows too, I doubt its only Halo 3

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