Microsoft's new CEO conducts his first interview

With Microsoft announcing Satya Nadella as its new CEO, effective immediately, his first interview as the company's leader has been posted to YouTube.

While this is an internal interview from Microsoft, it does give a solid look at where Nadella is going to take the software giant, and we expect this will be the first of many public statements by Nadella over the next few weeks as Microsoft introduces to the world the man who will lead the software giant. The video is a high-level look at Satya’s ambitions for Microsoft, and while there are no tough questions asked about Windows 8 adoption or Windows Phone sales, you can start to see how Nadella’s personality is dramatically different than Ballmer’s loud and outgoing style.

The world will be watching closely to see how the new CEO takes helm of a ship with more than 130,000 employees, but don’t expect changes overnight. Microsoft was already on a new path with its device and services model and it will be up to Satya to either continue down this road or set forth a new path.

With Satya being the third CEO in the nearly 30-year history of Microsoft, and the fact that he is only in his 40s should mean he'll be at the top of the org chart for a considerable length of time.

Source: YouTube

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Right because that's very much straight out of his first letter to his employees.
The interview appears to be in building B of the new Redmond campus (the one where Entertainment and Device)

Also, the interview appears to be conducted during weekend, as there was literally no one on that floor. And the security would be alerted like crazy if all the door were opened regularly for extended amount of time. So yeah, it is all prepared ahead of time.

Being a former employee of Microsoft. I have to say that choosing Satya as CEO is quite a bold move. Years ago, we thought it was bold to have Qi Liu coming in to Microsoft. Historically, the top management at Microsoft has mostly been white males, so this is an interesting move to have Indian descent to take over as CEO.
Lets wait and see what he brings to the table.
By the way, I am also quite content that Microsoft hiring CEO in house, not some paratrooper from outside selling cars for a living.

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i like him - im sure he will lead the company successfully. i think he truely means what he is saying. thats a good thing!

You gotta judge the man by his action. His department Cloud and Server Business has been the most successful MS department and in my opinion best products of Microsoft came from that department specially recently. So good luck for him and I believe he is most capable for this job.