Microsoft's new Lumia 530 confirmed for T-Mobile

Yesterday, Microsoft announced a new addition to its handset range, the Nokia Lumia 530. The device slots in below the Lumia 630/635 as the company's new entry-level handset, and is also the most affordable Nokia Windows Phone ever. 

You may recall that a couple of months ago, @evleaks revealed that the device would be joining the T-Mobile US range. His claims have now been verified, as T-Mobile confirms that the Lumia 530 will indeed be added to its handset line-up later this year. 

T-Mobile has already launched the 4G Lumia 635; when it announced that device, it described the 635 as "the proud successor to the Lumia 521", the carrier's version of the phenomenally successful Lumia 520, which remains the best-selling Windows Phone ever, with over 12 million units sold.

Curiously, T-Mobile has now also described the Lumia 530 as "the successor to the Lumia 521": 

Pricing for the Lumia 530 on T-Mobile has not yet been announced. The Lumia 635 costs around $120 for T-Mobile prepaid customers, so we can reasonably infer that the 530 will cost less than this. Given that the 635 is available on other US carriers for as little as $99, there's a good chance that the 530's price will be a bit lower than this. 

The 3G-only Lumia 530 features a quad-core 1.2GHz Snapdragon 200 processor and 512MB of RAM, along with a 4-inch WVGA (800x480px) display and 5MP rear camera. Microsoft has said that the device will go on sale in August, although the exact launch date on T-Mobile has not been revealed. 

Source: T-Mobile | Thanks for the tip, AJ!

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I dunno. With MS cancelling, backpedaling and changing in so many directions I have a hard time spending any more $ on their products until all of this craziness settles down.

The main thing that I note about this is that it is not a 531 which means that it will probably be the same device that is on AT&T meaning you may theoretically have an unlocked device (or could unlock it) that will allow you to have an account on either or perhaps both networks. It will also allow for those that wish to transfer services to take their devices and use them on either network. When hurricane Wilma came through here, some of the emergency services couldn't use their mobile phones due to network congestion. This could at least allow those users to have more than one network to connect their devices to in those emergency circumstances.