Microsoft's new Surface Pro 2 TV ad features NFL quarterback Russell Wilson

Microsoft's "Honestly" series of TV commercials began running on the broadcast and cable networks in November, but up until this week, the ads all featured fictional characters promoting either the company's own hardware products or those that used its operating systems. The latest commercial in the campaign, which started running this week, is a bit different as it uses a real person; Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.

Wilson may have lead the Seahawks to victory in this year's NFL Super Bowl, but in the new "Honestly" ad, he's not on the football field but in a barber shop. He talks to the camera about how the "off" season really isn't time off for him. Wilson uses Microsoft's Surface Pro 2 tablet for tasks like watching game films on the go. He also uses the OneNote app to keep his schedule of activities straight and the Skype app to chat with the children Wilson works with as part of his charity efforts.

It's a natural for Wilson to be picked by Microsoft as a spokesperson for the Surface Pro 2, since the Seahawks are the company's home NFL team. Indeed, an employee at Microsoft, communications manager Ryan Asdourian, also takes on the role of Blitz, the Seahawks' costumed mascot, during the team's home games.

Source: Surface on YouTube

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Depends on how you want to define it, I would guess since it helped other OEM providers start to push these types of devices in the scope of the company it has, but without looking at what it has done outside of that group I believe you are correct.

But it's a two year old product, and it's been getting closer and closer to being a profit center for MS.

I'm not usually a fan of celebrity endorsements but I like this one. Wilson is a good kid with his head screwed on tight. I wish nothing but success upon him... except when he's playing my Saints.. haha

Of course the owner of the Seahawks and Wilson's boss is none other than Paul Allen, cofounder of that company, what was it again, oh yes, Microsoft. Good QB though.

This is a new one, what's wrong with the UI for tablet devices? I even like it on the desktop, but I can understand why some doing like it there (especially pre 8.1.1) but on a surface?