Microsoft's OneNote Mac team hits the high notes in new musical video

Microsoft finally gave Mac PC owners a free stand-alone version of their popular OneNote app in March. Apparently, the engineering team behind the app was so proud of their efforts, they decided to create a video offering a unique way of celebrating their accomplishments.

That video started as an internal clip but Microsoft employee Greg Akselrod posted up their efforts on his YouTube channel today. It shows OneNote Mac team members bursting into their best Broadway musical voices. The song itself is rewritten from the show stopping "One Day More" from Les Misérables.

We have to say that the OneNote Mac team has a few good voices in its group; they certainly sound a lot better than Russell Crowe did in the movie version of the original song. Of course, the production value is a little off; the video was shot in Microsoft's offices rather than on a big Broadway stage or a movie set.

We wonder if other Microsoft teams will release their own musical parody numbers to follow up on this clip. Might we suggest the Windows 8.1 Update team used Greased Lightning from "Grease" as the basis for their number?

Source: Greg Akselrod on YouTube via The Next Web

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What's with MS becoming so cozy with Mac users lately? :p

We, Windows users are still alive lol :p

In all seriousness, they should advertise like this for every product. And not make Scroogled campaigns.

This is just pure awesome! Todays Microsoft lives for its customers like no other company!
Its to bad that there are so many, angry, stubborn mules, stuck in the 80s, still on the internet though.

That was one of the most annoying keyboard typing sounds i've ever heard. I sounded like an animal pooping!

That being said. They are really good singers.

I really like how MSFT developers are so open to their users, hosting regular AMAs, listening to feedback and sharing their excitement with us every now and then. There are even some hardcore Apple fanboys within Microsoft.