Microsoft's Socl social network updated with new features

Microsoft's Socl social networking service is something that the company has been developing somewhat under the radar. It was first revealed close to two years ago with the name Tulalip, In December 2011, Microsoft officially announced the network, with the name Socl, and allowed a limited number of students at a few colleges in the US to sign up. In May 2012, Microsoft allowed anyone to check out the Socl network and in December 2012 it launched a major facelift of the service with an all new design and features.

A few days ago, Microsoft quietly announced that the Socl service would receive a "spring cleaning" with some improvements and changes. While not as extensive as the December update, user do have a number of new features to play with. In terms of post creation, users can now drag and drop, resize and shuffle content in posts, as well as sharing them with other websites.

Microsoft has also added a "create a post" button, along with a full site search and discovery feature. There's also a new pinned menu so users can quickly access things such as notifications, messages and more. The Socl feed can now pivot between who a person is following and everyone.

Finally, Microsoft has decided to get rid of the Interests selection in favor of Collections that are curated by everyone. Collections can now be curated by individuals, along with private collections. There's also a new first time user experience. Those are just some of the changes and additions put into Socl. So far, Microsoft has yet to offer any information on just how many people have signed up to use the service.

Source: Socl blog | Image via Microsoft

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TRC said,
Microsoft has a social network? They may want to advertise it a bit, just an idea.

It's just for research and completely different kind of Social network. Not like FB or Google -

nitins60 said,

It's just for research and completely different kind of Social network. Not like FB or Google -

Better yet, MS has another social network they don't advertise to consumers

For business/website owners, does anyone know whether having a presence on Socl gives a boost to your site's Bing rankings in a similar way that having a presence on Google Plus gives a boost to your site's Google rankings?

M_Lyons10 said,

ANYTHING is more usable than Google+...

DISCLAIMER: I don't use Google+.

I've just checked out my Google+, and it looks very usable, moreso than Facebook anyway. The only thing I'd say sucked was the layout of actual posts. Why do you find it so unusable?