Microsoft's super-long infographic gives us the data on big data

There's been a trend in examining how using "big data" can be beneficial for not just tech companies but by all businesses. Today, Microsoft announced it will offering a week long examination of how big data is used and it got things started this morning with a super-long infographic, shown below.

The infographic shows the results of the Global Enterprise Big Data Trends: 2013 survey, where Microsoft conducted a survey of over 280 IT decision-makers. 62 percent of the people who were polled stated that the businesses they work for store over 100 TB of data and that 32 percent of them believe that amount of data storage will double in the next two to three years.

Another feature from Microsoft about big data today offers up some examples of how such stats are used in everyday life. For example, the Cincinnati Zoo examined when the most ice cream was sold at its zoo during the day and found out that it was sold more at an earlier point of the day than previously thought. Using this small but important piece of data, the zoo opened up more ice cream carts earlier in the day.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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I'm just wondering, what organizations are storing that they require hundreds of terabytes of data? Uncompressed HD video from team building events? Scanned copies of contracts in 1200DPI BMP format?

These are big companies with tens of thousands of employees and storing maybe a decade or more of data.

Take IBM for example...
100,000,000 MB divided by 500,000 employees divided by 10 years gets you down to only 20MB per employee per year. Which even at the simplest they'll have wage/salary/personal information and copies of correspondence etc. Doesn't take long to use up all that space!

MidTxWRX said,
Long infographics are awesome

Sure beats trying to cram everything into one PowerPoint slide until it's unreadable.
That's how I used to roll.
All I need now are some modern designers who can break me out of powerpoint hell with infographics and app skins.