Microsoft's Surface commercials get remixed, recut & reworked

When Microsoft released its first Surface Pro commercial, if you found yourself saying “I wish I could see someone remix this and create something new,” you are in luck.

Musician Stay Classy has cut and spliced several official Microsoft Surface commercials, as well as some other clips, to remix and remake Microsoft’s launch videos. The video is a bit over two minutes in length and splices together the Surface Pro and Surface RT launch videos as well as some outside material while utilizing the beats from both of the Pro and RT commercials. 

There is some very – and we mean very – mild content at the 1:04 to 1:07 mark that may not be suitable for some work places.

Microsoft is hoping that the Pro will be adopted by the enterprise along with Windows 8 as the platform fills both the desktop and tablet space. Seeing as many corporations only started to fully move to Windows 7 in the past two years, convincing them to move to Windows 8 may be a tough proposition for the time being.

While it seems that the initial demand for the Pro was high, others have reported that the launch stock of the devices were quite low. Whatever the reason, the Surface Pro has been hard to find for quite a few consumers during the launch weekend which is good news for Microsoft, as it means that they were able to clear out the channel in a short period of time.

Both the Surface RT and Pro are Microsoft’s first adventure competing with its own OEMs to sell Windows products. 


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@TsarNikky, I have to agree. Whilst these adverts speak to the hipster market MS seem to think that this is their only market for the Pro and I would say they are mistaken. Yes the consumerisation of devices is changing and affecting the Enterprise but they need to appeal to the average Jo small and large business folk out there.

MS please provide a video showing one feature of the Surface Pro tablet in a real life inspiring context, perhaps a half screen Skype chat with Grandma whilst doing your taxes in Excel?!

The toy imagery continues. Still nothing about any kind of serious office productivity being done. Yes, Windows-7 will be around for a very long time.

At 1:54, look at how the Start Screen UI "moves out of the way" and the clicked app runs ON the Start Screen. Fake mockup, or Blue? You decide.

PUC_Snakeman said,
At 1:54, look at how the Start Screen UI "moves out of the way" and the clicked app runs ON the Start Screen. Fake mockup, or Blue? You decide.

That was actually from a fake (yet totally awesome) video someone made to compare against the iPad. Not official.

If they artificially generate the high demand, it is such a double edge sword. For one, they can generate news traffic (but if there is proof that they have intentionally made it low inventory...that can hurt them). For two, consumer interests in any given product can dwindle as news of even newer product comes out. So...I don't get why they wouldn't sell it all while they are still hot.

Personally, I am actually quite interested in ThinkPad Helix.. also a 2 lb tablet...but with an even better keyboard. It is slated for release sometime this year..but for someone that can wait, that is going to hurt Surface's chance to get my money