Microsoft's Vision for 2019 [Video]

At the Wharton Business Technology Conference yesterday, Microsoft's Business Division president Stephen Elop revealed Microsoft's Office Labs "2019" video.

The video features various men, women and children using future concept gadgets and touch panels. You can see the ideas of communication, collaboration and connected devices for the future.

You can watch the video below, thanks to Long Zheng for the tip.

<a href="" target="_new" title="Future Vision Montage">Video: Future Vision Montage</a>

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Don't worry it wont be too long before we polute the ground entirely and have to live above the clouds because they are to toxic.

and u no whats wrong with this
the fact that they still have people using a stylus for a touch screen device. you would ahve thought that theyd have realised people dont really like this any more...

jamescross91 said,
and u no whats wrong with this
the fact that they still have people using a stylus for a touch screen device. you would ahve thought that theyd have realised people dont really like this any more...

Whats wrong with stylus? And what do you suggest to use instead if you want to do touch operations with greater precision? No offense but your fingers are just not good enough. Unless of course you're an iphone user :P

Samsungs Slyde phone works a lot better if you use your finger. It actually says on the owners manual not to use a stylus or anyother device. It has been configured to work with your finger. Now if only they could fix that issue with the battery that causes the touch screen to act fritzy.

HAHA dude- took the words right out of my mouth. the only microsoft app with any finesse is the Zune player (which is awesome and aesthetically beautiful), but god forbid you enable it to have 3rd party plugins. ugh.

Well, this is the good/happy version. How about the ugly/bad version of the future?

Oil is finished, economy is super inflated and virtualy collapsed, the vast majority are unemployed. All these leading to riots and tensions on a daily basis, crime and corruption are through the roof. Even though we have discovered how to cure pretty much any illness, including AIDS and cancer, only a handful can afford such treatments.

The environment is really bad, some ex-urban areas can no longer support animal and plantlife. The soil is poisoned and its plantlife support capabilities destroyed forever after years and years of us dumping our waste and abusing the eco-system. Many previously common animal species are on the verge of extinction and many have became extinct over the last years.

I could keep going. I just wish for the huge corporations to start channeling more funds towards the environments protection as well as civilians everywhere caring more about it.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a hippy; I'm 28 years old and the same way I've seen technology advance over the last 15 years I've also seen the environment decline and one crisis (in all levels) after the other.

coth said,
i don't think oled technologies will be so advanced just in 10 years.

OLED technology is either much closer or much further than you'd think. There remains only one issue with the technology: water damage to the organic layer. If that problem were solved today, we could be mass printing OLED displays on everything tomorrow. They're unbelievably easy to produce.

Many of these concepts shown depend on multiple companies cooperating under common standards. For example, the credit card thing. Would all providers making use of cards for payment start cooperating under a common standard and start shipping such improved cards? No, it's not that easy.

To me, this is more like a vision about technology advances in an utopia, where nothing need to cost money, and everyone is cooperating for a maximum speed in technological advances. It's just not happening.

In 2019, I imagine us still swearing about spam (due to all ISP's and mail providers in the world not uniting behind a common antispam solution like DomainKeys -- yes, the technology is already here guys -- it's not a technological problem!), still sweaing about slow connections and sites down (because broadband connections cost money), and still not relying on technology this much (in turn because of connections and sites going down), etc, etc.

This is not a real world scenario, this is about Microsoft doing PR to promote an image as a visionary and modern company.

The reason I don't see the credit card thing happening is because the United States government would need to help. But it won't just like it didn't help with the new security features. Like the ones in Europe their government contributed and now copying a credit card is nearly impossible as they need to copy a chip as well as the magnetic strip.

rakeshishere said,
But the world ends in 2012 :P

2012 is predicted by some with New Age beliefs to be a great year of spiritual transformation (or alternatively an apocalypse). There is disagreement among believers whether 2012 will see an end of civilization, or humanity will be elevated to a higher level.

From Wikipedia

2012 is a big date because many lost cultures from around the world end their callendars on Dec. 12, 20012. There was also no way for these cultures to be able to communicate with each others. Ex:Mayans and recently discovered Chinesse empire. According to astronamers. Weird planetary allignment that has never happened before. Possible worst case cenario is polarities are reversed. Translation we are royaly screwed.

I love the little card "wallet" that looks like a small chunk of plastic.
The newspaper looks very cool too.
I wonder what version of Windows Mobile the phone at the end is using? By 2019 they might have even released 7.5!

All i got to say is....Wow! Way to go MS and frankly speaking, MS is the only company capable of achieving that.

i think it's starting to change already. if you look at those Atom Processor PCs i'm starting to get the idea that computers are already at a point where they are already more than powerful enough for anything. we just need to shrink and reduce power

i dunno i think that technology will move ever quicker, the reason being is that we use the tools we develop to design the next level of tools. I.e. the computers we build today design the computers of tommorow. Already the computer industry is moving quicker than thought in the 90's The internet came along very quick and was adapted and used in a very short amount of time.

I do like to see these type of videos as it sparks ideas about the way forward.

Who would have thought that mobile phones would become the size they are, then couple that with color and then with photo's and music and media and in today's world touchscreen is the norm on a great many phones. All in a very short amount of time.

As seen throughout the video touch is the next big UI between computers and humans, it works well on phones, however i think a lot of companies are trying to find an elegant solution to introducing it to the desktop/laptop market. Desktops are two hard to use via touch screen as you have to hold your arm at the screen. So it leaves portable devices, which have the processing power and touch capabilities, however what really holds this platform back is battery life. As soon as newer longer lasting cell's hit the market i expect the portable computing device (notebook, laptop, netbook, tablet, etc..) to really explode which in turn will drive design changes in the desktop. I say changes in the desktop as shown in the video the desktop i think will still be around but work more as a central server type device, being the central hub of all the portable devices in the home. I don't think we will fully go into the cloud until comms are completely stable.

A lot on this video can be made right now. With huge amounts of money every dream is a possibility, we have passed a long time ago the barrier of "not possible" ...and we developed technology far beyond our ancestors dreams.
It makes you wounder ... if that is by 2019 will it be by 2500,3000 there will be a "year 3000"

vladtm said,
It makes you wounder ... if that is by 2019 will it be by 2500,3000 there will be a "year 3000"

It just makes one ask the question is there a limit? It also makes me think of the movie Wall-E where humans just sit around and begin to de-evolve from lack of use as computers replace us.

I think that most of that stuff will not be seen until 2024 if not later. I know that in the past 10 years alone we have seen new technology but alot of it is just expanding on what already has existed. Most of the stuff in that video was ground breakingly different and I think by 2019 we will just be beginning to see a world like that and it won't be until 5 or 10 years from there where it is a mainstream as the video implied.

Its going to be an amazing future though in the world of technology I'm glad I'll be part of it.

What are you talking about, alot of the ground work has been done already. The portable computers are just MID / UMPCs, the table is just MS's Surface project which is available now (they obviously don't have that inbuilt scanner thing).

We already have bendable screens to replace paper, all it needs now is touch support. And I feel like I've seen a picture of screens which are just a piece of glass before, but maybe I'm just confusing my movies now. :p

If it really does take till 2019 for this stuff to start appearing I'll be mighty ****ed.

pauldr777 said,
Its going to be an amazing future though in the world of technology I'm glad I'll be part of it.

Or maybe not, cause you might die tomorrow.