Microsoft's Xbox 360 Gets New Internal Optical Drive

Microsoft may not have taken care of the monster power brick, console overheating problems or the red rings of death but the company seems to have addressed the issue of the Xbox 360's extremely loud DVD drive. Microsoft has replaced the current Toshiba-Samsung and Hitachi-LG drives with BenQ VAD6038 DVD drives in the Xbox 360 consoles manufactured in November 2006 onward. According to user reports, the new Philips-based drive is extremely quiet compared to its predecessor and even loads games faster. The fact that Microsoft is making hardware changes to its console results in a few questions. What else will they change? Maybe a bigger hard disk drive? Is the Zephyr really coming?

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News source: DailyTech

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ill get the xbox of 3rd gen or maybe 4th gen, because by then im at university and wont be able to afford a hi-end mac, and mac is the only kind of desktop computer/laptop ill ever buy again, though this one will last for pretty long, so it will take some time till i buy a console again... apart from the n-gage 2.0 maybe, i just hope they don't make it as crappy as the 1.5 (QD).
i have the classic one, and I love it... for about 2.5 years now... i guess...


Wow, the power brick has a FAN on it? wtf?!

Either way, I still want to get one. $400 though.. really a debate whether I should just toss another $100 in and get a PS3 instead. Either way, games games games...

This type of improvement is going to make a lot of people buy it again/complain/demand upgrade because the current noisy drive is very distracting. I have my 360 in a case where I close the front and opened the back up so i don't hear it as much. But for me, the power brick with its annoying fan is worse than the CD drive. They should do something about that.

no real different than when sony removed serial ports off the psx. more for cost over anything else, the fact that they're quieter are a bonus.

They did this with the XBOX. They'll probably switch a few things around over time to cut down costs. It's nothing major.

Is the Zephyr really coming?

i doubt that highly. they'll probably just make a few changes and eventually after a couple years call it the Xbox3k. /joke