Microsoft's Kinect-focused developer Rare 'evaluating' what to do next for Xbox One

Microsoft's decision to no longer offer its Kinect sensor as a requirement for the Xbox One console this week has put the future of one of its in-house developers, Rare, into question, as the studio has been making Kinect-exclusive games for both the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One for the past few years. In a chat with, Microsoft's Xbox head Phil Spencer stated:

I think I've heard a few times from people asking about Rare - they're in the process of evaluating what they want to do next, and we're working closely with them to see what their new project will be.

Spencer didn't mention if Rare's next project will also be a Kinect game, but he did say that the team is "free to look at all different kinds of opportunities." That would suggest that Rare's commitment to the Kinect hardware may no longer be as tight as it has been in the past.

Rare released its first game for Microsoft's motion sensor, "Kinect Sports," as a launch title when the previous-generation hardware came out in 2010. A sequel, "Kinect Sports: Season Two," was released in 2011. Rare's latest game, "Kinect Sports Rivals," was released in April for the Xbox One, a delay of several months after it was originally scheduled as a launch title for the console. Microsoft has promoted the game quite a bit, including TV commercials on major networks, but the NPD Group revealed on Thursday that it failed to make the top 10 sales list of games in April in the U.S. market.

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He realizes that the Xbox needs real mass market games in order for it to stand a chance of competing with PS4 sales. This guy is doing everything right but he won't ever be able to lift the burden of bad hardware decisions by previous management.

Down to being just a "Kinect-based developer"? Man, how the mighty have fallen. As pointed out in other comments, Rare made some really awesome games over the years. And it seems like I might be the only one who enjoyed Perfect Dark Zero.

And before they were Rare they were 'Ultimate Play the Game'

Quote from the school playground in the 1980's (most of you will be too young to remember)

"Commodore c64 has better graphics (and sound) than the Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48k"
but then Knightlore on the Spectrum was released and it showed what could be done with amazing game play and design. That shut the c64 fan boys up for while at least, funny how history keeps repeating it's self...

LaP said,
MS should let Rare do whant it wants.

I believe that's the plan. If whatever they come up with though isn't successful then you can bank on layoffs. No pressure Rare.

Thief000 said,
Gee, let's see.
Jet Force Gemini,
Perfect Dark,
Time Splitters,
Viva Pinata,

That's what I was going to say basically, with Phil in charge now I have a feeling they're going to go back to making their core games and step away from Kinect only projects now.

Oh yes, and my favorite...BATTLETOADS.
There's probably a lot more games they own that could be worth it, but a new IP where they could pour their hearts into would be my first choice.

Ah yes, forgot that was Free Radical (founded by Rare members). Another good game that hasn't seen the light of day for a long time. It played a lot like Goldeneye from what I remember, another awesome Rare game.

Free Radical Design is no more. Crytek bought them. As far as i know they are now working on a new Homefront game.

They're no longer a second party publisher for Nintendo and as a result haven't released anything good since.

TimeSplitters is now owned by Crytek... But yeah I'd like to see any of those come back. Or even dig back deep and bring back Wizards & Warriors