Minecraft ... er, Blockworld released for Windows 8

Several months ago, Minecraft's creator Markus "Notch" Persson made his opinions known on Windows 8 when he announced that he would not certify his popular sandbox game for Microsoft's latest OS. In a Twitter message, Notch wrote, "I'd rather have minecraft not run on win 8 at all than to play along. Maybe we can convince a few people not to switch to win 8 that way."

This week, a new game debuted on the Windows Store section of Windows 8 that looks, and more importantly plays, almost exactly like Minecraft. It's called Blockworld and it's developed by a team called 2.0 Studios. The game was previously released as an Xbox 360 title, under the Xbox Indie Games label, in August 2012.

Blockworld has the almost exact retro graphical look of Minecraft as well as its main feature of allowing the player to mold and shape the game world as they see fit to create structures. The game costs $2.49 for its launch period but that price will go up to $4.99 later. The game does not yet come with any multiplayer features but the developers promise to add those modes in a future update.

The release of this game is such a blatant copy of Minecraft that we have to wonder how Notch and Minecraft's developers at Majong feel about this development. We have emailed Mojang to see if we can get a comment from them.

Source: Windows Store | Image via 2.0 Studios

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I'm fine with people copying game ideas and such, but why copying everything, including the graphics? The graphics are crappy and I would be more than happy playing Minecraft if its graphics we better so why copy the bad things of a game. But then Minecraft maybe not going to be on Windows 8 which makes the competition there close to zero. It's like http://www.minepick.com/ wrote in one of their blog posts I suppose.

minecraft runs fine on windows 8. I'm sure this app only costs 5 dollars for a reason. I am aware of Markus Persson's feelings about windows 8 and that argument that he lost (big time).
But a copy is still a copy and I wouldn't pay these guys five cents.

Edited by Ned, Feb 3 2013, 4:33am :

Deranged said,
If you can stomach installing Java in the first place, sure.

Nothing wrong with installing Java.. as long as you make sure to nuke the browser plugin for obvious reasons.

Max Norris said,

Nothing wrong with installing Java.. as long as you make sure to nuke the browser plugin for obvious reasons.

I'd rather take a dump on my car than install one on my computer.
(I'll pass on both.)

Jeb should have Minecraft listed in the desktop part of the Windows Store, they get free exposure and MS sucks none of the revenue.

Really does look like Minecraft in an engine that supports actual textured models (colorful spherical balls in a screenshot on the store page) and a nice skydome.

Not sure how I feel about that.. would love an awesome skydome though.

Has far worse trees at any rate.

Well, Mojang took the code and game idea from a previous game to make Minecraft, so he really can't say much about other people copying.

No just No Mojang did not take the code and idea from another game the idea and code was made by Markus so i dont know where ya got the idea on this but hey go to youtube look for the Story of mincraft video

He's actually right, the original game used .NET and the code was decompiled (the developer didn't use code obfuscation), it's highly likely that code was (illegally) copied and ported to Java (which is not very difficult) to create Minecraft. As the saying goes, Good artists copy, Great artists steal.

Not as good as minecraft, but it's still a good alternative.

The only thing that bothers me is that there are beach balls?!