Minecraft adds new enemies: the Endermen

Minecraft, the phenomenally popular Java-based game, has been constantly updated by Notch since its release and infancy. The latest update, 1.8, will add a new enemy in the form of the "Endermen". Notch provides an explanation for adding the Endermen on his official blog. In short, he wanted to evoke fear when players see them, but he wanted to do so in a manner that wasn't fatiguing or frustrating. He also explains the development process for the Endermen, and other ideas he had for them.

The Endermen are extremely tall enemies (roughly three meters in height, according to Notch), who must not be looked at, under any circumstances. Notch explains that the main events in Minecraft happen when in an area near the character, and said that he wanted to change this a little. For example, creepers will only explode when near the character, and fires no longer spread indefinitely. The Endermen also have long limbs and the ability to move blocks around at will, potentially destroying or altering the landscape.

The Endermen are passive unless you look at them. If you look at them, then they will turn and stare at you. When this happens, you had better be ready for a fight, for the second that you stop looking at the Endermen they will move towards you. But they won't shuffle or move slowly - they are very quick creatures, aided further by the fact they can teleport. If they can't reach you in a reasonable amount of time then they will rapidly teleport, roughly once per second. Notch explains that he likes his latest creation because he knows that when it attacks, it is the player's fault it attacks. The player can stand looking at the Endermen until their strategy has formed, but as soon as they look away it's time to be prepared for combat.

The Minecraft Wiki contains only one image of what the Enderman looks like, and there is no guarantee that it is accurate, though it has been included:

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Wiggz said,
Never got into Minecraft....should I bother? I gather it might be a rather immersive and addictive experience.

I was the same way, but after watching some youtube videos I finally caved and spent the $15 and def do not regret it. Its a very interesting game with endless possibilities.

jerzdawg said,

I believe there is an adventure mode being added to the 1.8 update (I believe this should have goals (maybe even a story))

it's just expanding on the mode we already play, survival, what's being added is some additions to combat, experience, hinger, more food, more farming alternatives, cool new features for the world generator and more.

TheLegendOfMart said,
Notch likes to watch Dr Who then.

Exactly what I was thinking! Damn Weeping Angels, probably the scariest episode ever.

lunamonkey said,
So can you back up and hide in a house?

Yes but since he can move blocks and teleport is that a possible strategy?

jerzdawg said,

Yes but since he can move blocks and teleport is that a possible strategy?

hmmm.... what about jump-building upwards and hitting him on the head?

Wow seriously? I've known this for the past week or so. I'm about to leave neowin. Seriously, change the site title to neoslow.net

MrPink said,
Wow seriously? I've known this for the past week or so. I'm about to leave neowin. Seriously, change the site title to neoslow.net
Not all people stalk Noth's updates ... I didn't know until now

Congratulations. You can now consider yourself to be an elite member of society.

Here's an idea for the future though: If you know about something, and you notice that Neowin hasn't written about it, why not tell them? Rather than just sitting back and waiting for them to make a post so that you can say, "I knew about this when I was fighting off dinosaur attacks."

MrPink said,
Wow seriously? I've known this for the past week or so. I'm about to leave neowin. Seriously, change the site title to neoslow.net

It is news to some of us, myself included. You're not being forced to view each and every story, and Neowin shouldn't just stop posting stories just because you read it a few days beforehand.

Asmodai said,

Ok, I'll bite. How so?

Haha, i could see him make some kind of point if he had said like 1.0 or something but seriously, since 1-5? not much has changed

AFineFrenzy said,
Sure looks like they spent a long time designing that thing.

Are you talking about the looks? Sometime the simplest look is the best. Basic and creepy, i like it.

Im guessing Notch whipped it up in about 15 minutes, if it's accurate at all. Could be changed, could not be, but look at the creeper, look how iconic it is. dosn't take great models to make something impactful.

littleneutrino said,
Brand new image of them. also Notch just posted saying you can wear a pumpkin on your head to protect against them, even though the pumpkin will take damage from it.

Didn't know I could put pumpkins on my head. Cool.

Actually I have a diamond hat, so..... I won't be doing that.

I think the point is, adding mobs is one thing, but what we really need is more things to build with, more blocks etc to make it more creative.

The only way around that to stave off boredom is to use mods like 'Better than wolves' which in all honesty is what Notch should've been doing with the game.

There are a lot more important things that need attention than yet another enemy. The building aspect is what makes this game addicting and not so much these stupid monsters. If I want to defend myself against enemies, then I know hundreds of games that are better.

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