Ministers seek curbs on internet suicide sites for teenagers

Websites which encourage vulnerable teenagers to kill themselves are to be blocked under plans by the Government to tackle the dozens of suicides that have been linked to internet chatrooms.

Ministers are alarmed that pages inciting young people to take their lives – and even giving advice on suicide methods – are too easily available online.

They are urging internet service providers (ISPs) to veto "harmful or distasteful" suicide sites, and to provide automatic links to such organisations as the Samaritans or ChildLine when users try to find information on suicide. ISPs already warn website managers that "offensive" material will be automatically taken down from the internet.

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Last thing we need is the government to start sensoring things...

Anyway, if a kid is going to kill himself, he is going to kill himself. He won't do it just cuz he found a website on it.

Websites dont kill people, people kill people -=p

Governments don't like to see it's people killing themselves, especially the young; it show a serious society sickness. The Internet is a place where people with similar interests can meet up, Internet censorship will not work, unless they close the thing down completely.

What I don't understand is why pornography and all the real nasty stuff (including much "rap" music) is not moved to separate DNS suffixes, so adults can choose to ask their ISP to filter hateful content they do not like, on an individual basis.

Society and all the c**p thrown at our children, and the lack of a future is mainly to blame for their anxiety. Bombarding sculls with radio waves, and dubious medication (read vaccines) are probably also to blame.

Shut down the Internet now (people are waking up to the New World Order), and pay for the air that you breathe taxation I mean carbon footprint.

nope, you are 100% correct. if anything the webistes help you commit suicide in ways that don't negatively effect other people. not emotionally of course, but by that i mean having a cop shoot you, filling the house with co2, get blood everywhere, etc.

like banzai i think suicide isn't the right answer, but if someone wants to end their own life then it's their choice. no reason to censor it at all except to get their foot in the door and use it as a platform for censoring more things that the government deems "unfit" for you to see for your own safety

Right I'm going to be a bit outrageous on this one and probably have allot of objection.

I want to make it clear I think suicide is an awful thing and is never the answer and I'm all for helping people that are in that situation. But isn't this just another thing the government is interfering with taking another nibble out of the freedom we have on the internet.

Or am I just being cold and heartless? Anyone kind of feel the same way about this?

I would agree with you. Suicide is a horrible and selfish thing, but government censorship is not a happy-fun-time either.