Miranda IM 0.7.1 Final

Miranda IM is a multi protocol instant messenger client for Windows. Miranda IM uses very little memory and is extremely fast. It requires no installation and can be fitted on a single floppy disc. Its powerful plugin system makes Miranda IM very flexible. Only the most basic features are built in, but there are currently more than 350 free plugins available for download that allows users to extend the functionality of Miranda IM.

Available Protocols

* Jabber
* Yahoo
* Gadu-Gadu
* Tlen
* Netsend
* And more...

- Improved icon skinning engine performance
- ICQ: Enable ICQ 6 photo handling
- Jabber: Improved avatar processing
- MSN: Added per message nickname display
- MSN: Improved status message processing

- Image services plugin wasn't loaded correctly sometimes
- Standard message dialog didn't draw user id button correctly
- Network log issue creating log file name correctly
- ICQ: Handle non-standard offline messages
- ICQ: Buffer overflow vulnerability
- IRC: Warning message was cut off
- IRC: Buffer overflow vulnerability in IRC options
- IRC: Russian nicks parsed incorrectly
- IRC: Fixed clickable timestamps in group chats
- Jabber: urnmpp:time returns month number off by 1
- Jabber: Jabber displayed self in contact list
- Jabber: Wrong timestamp for offline messages
- Jabber: Crash in Jabber multi-user conference
- Jabber: Buffer overflow vulnerability in Jabber forms
- Jabber: Can't change icons to gadu gadu transport contacts
- MSN: Changed gateway polling frequency
- MSN: Fixed MSN alert url creation
- MSN: Remove Yahoo alert
- Yahoo: Buffer overflow vulnerability

Download: Miranda IM 0.7.1 Final
Link: Home Page

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What's with the lack of comments? I thought Miranda would have more supporters here.. or have everyone @ Neowin fallen into the clutches of the bloatware demons? Surely the worlds most lightest and extensible multi-protocol client deserves more credit than this?

A few years back I was using the official Yahoo, MSN and Gtalk clients. Together, they used around 80+ MB of RAM (private bytes) and a considerable amount of CPU time. As my other application demands increased, I found myself unable to work with those three programs on. I even spent an entire year away from IMs and was only using e-mail to communicate. I then decided to switch over to a multi-protocol client. Trillian and Pidgin (GAIM back then) were great but the features I wanted in Trillian weren't available for free, and GAIM was a bit of a hog. Miranda, on the other hand, used less than 8 MB RAM and 0 CPU (even on my 400 MHz AMD K6-2)!

A common complaint is that it takes a lot of time to setup Miranda the way you want, but I feel that its worth it - because you'll be doing this only once in your lifetime. An upgrade usually retains all your settings. Since Miranda is also portable, all your settings and logs stay with you wherever you go. Another thing I liked is that even though its size is small (1.5 MB!) the number of features it supports is crazy. For some protocols, it actually has more options than the official clients!

So come on people, its time to shed those pounds and put on a trim, fit look! Using Miranda would also reduce carbon emissions! Do your bit for planet earth today!