MIX09: Day 2 keynote, no webkit for IE

With rumors circulating that the next version of Internet Explorer might use Webkit, an open source web browser engine, Hachamovitch confirmed to Ars that the next version of IE will not use Webkit

"Hachamovitch also laid to rest any speculation that IE8 would be the final version of the browser or that IE9 would switch to WebKit"

Dean Hachamovitch, general manager of Internet Explorer at Microsoft, announced the global availability of Windows Internet Explorer 8 during the Day 2 keynote address at MIX09. Users can download Internet Explorer 8 starting from today here.

'safer,faster,better' - These three words were used repeatedly by Hachamovitch to describe IE 8 at several instances. It is interesting to note that 10 years ago yesterday, Microsoft released IE 5 and touted the various improvements and changes that has gone into the browser since then.

Deborah Adler, principal of Deborah Adler LLC, also discussed about user experience and design during the Day 2 keynote address at MIX09.

Watch the video below for the full Day 2 Keynote

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statm1 said,
I dont know but that looks like a Apple centric benchmark test to me..

Nah, just properly a Javascript centric benchmarks. Firefox 3.1 would properly come very close to Saferi 4.

Webkit would be cool. It would let Microsoft focus on the end user features like the security sandboxing, UI, webslices and things like that without having to invest resources in the renderer.


Windows 7 7057 IE8 is still much too slow for me to use. It can't keep up in general use with firefox, chrome, opera or safari. I know it's only RC version but i still doubt much will change in final.

I don't know, but I honestly feel IE8 loads pages faster in many cases than all the rest.

It may fail in benchmarks but in real use, it is at least just as fast as the rest.

Hm, in there it says "Windows 7 update will update IE8", does this mean that by upgrading to the RTM version of 7 youll get IE8 standard? I thought that was the idea...

Either that or it means "a future update for Win7 will upgrade the RC-era IE8 to the RTM version". I hope this.

EDIT, hmm the IE8 site has this notice for Win7 users:

Windows 7 Beta already includes a pre-release candidate version of Internet Explorer 8 that is optimized for that release. Windows 7 enables unique features and functionality in Internet Explorer 8 including Windows Touch and Jump Lists which require additional product tests to ensure we are providing the best Windows experience for our customers. We will continue to update the version of Internet Explorer 8 running on Windows 7 as the development cycles of Windows 7 progress and plan to include the final version of Internet Explorer 8 in the release candidate version of Windows 7 later this year. For the latest information on Windows 7 visit the Windows 7 site.