Mobile firm 3 scraps roaming fees

Mobile phone network 3 has abolished roaming charges for its UK customers in seven nations including Italy, Australia and the Republic of Ireland.

Its users will no longer be charged extra for making or receiving calls or texts when visiting the countries. 3 said there would be no one-off fees, and that its users would automatically gain the service.

The other places in which it has abolished the fees are Austria, Hong Kong, Sweden and Denmark.

The firm is able to end roaming fees from the seven nations as each has its own 3 network. The company confirmed that calls from any of the seven countries back to the UK would come under the user's usual monthly call allowance, and be exactly the same as if they were making a domestic call.

If a user exceeds his or her monthly call allowance when phoning from one of the seven nations they will then be charged a flat fee of 20p a minute.

3 added that its UK customers would also be able to make video calls and access the internet at their usual domestic rate under the new service, which is called 3 Like Home.

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3 are ok as long as you dont have a prob, customer support sucks (all foreigners who cant speak english very well and get confused very easily).

Glad they have scrapped roaming charges, got to be a good thing.

MSN is not available on N80 yet!!, crap as its available on n73, why, both the same platform and os, silly 3!

I am actually becoming quite fond of 3, especially as 3 phones are no longer huge and bulky like they used to be, plus you get free msn usage and a load of other free services when you have a contract with them. Sounds like a good deal, especially for the typical business user.