Mobile gaming made easier: Archos GamePad now on sale in the UK

Archos has released a new handheld console for gamers called the Archos GamePad. This console incorporates a screen with traditional controls that you’d find on a gaming controller. The Archos GamePad aims to meet the demands of gamers who want to be mobile, but who want the fine tuned control that a dedicated controller will give you over touchscreen.

The device has a 7-inch, 1024x600, five-point capacitive touch screen along with its 16 physical buttons and two analogue sticks. The GamePad runs Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and will have full access to the Google Play store. The GamePad also sports a 1.6GHz dual-core processor, 8GB of internal storage, and an SD card slot that supports up to an additional 64GB of storage.

We feel this device could be interesting because a lot of the more recent mobile games now include the ability to use game pads. Even better, with two analogue sticks, players could use emulators to play console games much easier. Additionally, the Archos GamePad features a unique Game Mapping tool, which allows users to convert titles that weren't made for the physical controls.

We know that this device is currently available in the UK for £129, which isn’t bad at all. There’s no word on any plans to release this device internationally though, so if you’re interested in it  and aren’t anywhere near the UK or Europe, you may be waiting awhile to experience it in all its glory.

Source: TechRadar

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the main problem with those devices (Yinlips, JXD and such) is the pad, most are filled with troubles for example some lacks of push two buttons at the same time, also problems with lags, poor quality of the buttons and so on. And of course the battery is another problem.

Very similar to what the Sixaxis emulation tool uses - but that's only available for rooted Android devices and is pretty awkward to setup - this makes things a lot simpler. However, for £129, seems like it's going to have a budget SoC inside

Problem is I buy stuff like this, which is great but I never play them. I think it's sorta like crack.

I've played a really great games like, Super Mario world, Zelda link to the past and super metroid and had lots of fun. I've probably been trying to find back that same enjoyment in a game but with no luck. I've bought the following, mostly used and mostly cheap. Except for the Wii and Ps3 Bought them new, PS3 is my parents current blur-ray player.

Although I will say wind waker on Gamecube was AMAZING!

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