Mobile users yearning for the simple life

It seems mobile phone users aren't that interested in using many of the advanced features - such as web browsing and TV - that operators have been pushing.

The proportion of mobile users using eight out of 11 advanced services has declined in the last year, according to a survey from Continental Research which quizzed just under 1,000 people.

The percentage of users accessing the internet on their mobile phone fell from 14 per cent to 12 per cent in the last year, while six per cent fewer users were downloading ringtones. Other advanced features that have declined in use include mobile TV, downloading and sending video, and subscription-based text information services.

The only features to have become more popular are the sending of photo messages and downloading games, both of which rose by one per cent. Report author James Myring said the proportion of customers using advanced services is still relatively small despite mobile networks aggressively promoting them.

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My Belated 2 cents:

The darn things are shabby jewelry. Looks to me like they're marketting for adolescents who don't yet have cars... But if (heaven forbid) a frumpy old stale ADULT wishes to have phone that WILL stay on my jeans (STANLEY makes a 25' take measure, and it's heavy! but the stinkin thing NEVER fell off my tool belt) that has a BIG battery, with VISIBLE buttons larger than a PIN-head for chrisake... that does NOT "drop calls" or loose service, and ALL (all -- the whole stinking list) it does is:

Ring When someone calls
Take a message if I don't answer
Have an option for TxT messaging
Store numbers


It would also be nice if it was NOT fragile. Why the bleep are there no TOOLS on the market (oh yeah.... now I remember... I've had my Milwaukee saw for 25 years, bought used from a pawn shop... the Out-Sourcers won't be able to keep the 3rd world emploted...)

Somewhat more than 80cent from a jaded WOMAN.
God Bless.

offer appropriate prices for flats and lots would be in...
especially they should offer deals for students who just aint got the money, but would love to consume it...

Glassed Silver:mbl

This is the reason why I bought a razar v3xx with my at&t service. I bought it because of two reasons.

1. Its one of the phones with the best signal on the AT&T network. My old phone a lg cg300 got no signal down in the basement in my office at work. The v3xx razar gets two -3 bars.

2. ITs a 3g phone so if I need to trther it to my laptop I can get 3g service for it.

YEs it has an nvidia gpu ini t (yes it does look at nvidias website) and has a 1.3mp camera but The main reasons why i got it were 3g and signal reception.

If data plans weren't so expensive as they currently are a LOT more users would use smart phones, but that's something providers are yet to understand.

Yes, a proof :JAPAN where mobile-tv is for free and is popular.

Anyways, to buy a service is not a smart idea, you can buy a cheap usb cable and install mp3, ringtones and theme for free using your pc.

Free Internet access via Wi-Fi is quite useful. But video performance is still weak. I think smart phone must be powerful enough to handle standard XviD DVDRip from 2GB microSD so there will be no hassle with re-encoding. For example "HTC Touch" smart phone + more power + 16:9 screen (not stone age 4:3 crap) + game pad buttons would be best phone ever. We are still 2-4 years away from that.

A lot of thise "advanced features" a way over priced, i think GPRS/3g on o2 pay and go is £2.50 to £5 per mb.

For pay and go users (atleast on o2) other advanced stuff like msn, pop3 email and so on carnt be used anyway as o2 dont let us use mobile web.

As for ringtones/java games who in there right mind woud pay up to £5 for them?

I think some phones should be marketed differently. Give me a phone with customization and the power to use my own wallpapers and ringtones over bluetooth or usb, or something like that and then I'll get that over one that plays Lord of the Rings.

Well of course its stupid if you have one of those dummy phones like Razr. Try a smartphone with big display and your life will change

I just use my phone to make and receive calls and texts, and occasionally WAP (or the Big Bad HTML Internet when it's appropriate, using Opera Mini) and Google Mail. Nothing else, have never had any desire to :)
Never saw the point of video on such a small screen anyway...