MoGo Dapter: World's Smallest Bluetooth Adapter

Newton Peripherals has revealed a device that is believed to be the smallest Bluetooth adapter ever: the MoGo Dapter. Newton Peripherals' engineers designed the USB adapter in such a way so that it protrudes as little as possible from the USB port, making it all the easier to keep plugged in while travelling. IMS Research and the Bluetooth Special Interest Group estimate that as many as 250 million laptops without Bluetooth support are in daily use. The MoGo Dapter offers to fill in this need and can essentially "become one with the laptop" (it's puny, see the picture below).

"The MoGo Dapter is consistent with our corporate objective of producing powerful and easy-to-use products that enable mobility on the go. Many laptop computer users refuse to use adapters of any kind, because they can catch, break off or become lost. As a result, they are not getting as much as they can from their mobile computing experience. The MoGo Dapter solves that challenge, and represents a significant step forward. We believe the ultra-low profile of the Dapter will become the standard design for adapters of all kinds, " said Matthew Westover, Newton Peripherals' President and CEO.

The MoGo Dapter will be available in Q2 2007 starting at $49.99 USD.

View: MoGo Dapter
News source: DailyTech

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This'll be great...I've been thinking about get a bluetooth adapter for my laptop, but I haven't because I'm afraid I'll break the adapter. This way, I'll be able to dialup to the internet from anywhere using bluetooth over my phone. I'll love this.

I'm gonna get one of these for my pop. Last year for his birthday I got him a bluetooth mouse and a damn-tiny d-link adapter. Too bad it was still big enough to get bumped and break. Now the mess of cables around his laptop is back...

I'm totally picking one of these up. I have a Kensington one for my laptop, and it works great, but the damn thing sticks out like a flash drive, so I can't really take it with me.

Finally, they should have been making these devices this small since the beginning.. Hopefully the range is just as good or better and hopefully this technology will be used in wireless devices and dongles soon!