hacked again

The Internet job web site, was attacked by hackers again for the second time since 2007. In this instance hackers have stolen user data directly from the database, including user ID's, passwords, email addresses, names, phone numbers, and even basic demographic data. has urged web site users immediately change their password on the web site. Possible phishing emails may also be sent out, and the company urges users to watch out for phishing attempts to steal more personal data.

Senior Vice President and Global Chief Privacy Officer Patrick Manzo posted a warning message on their web site about the attack. The message mentions that sensitive data such as social security numbers or personal financial data was not stolen in the attack. Users will be prompted at login to change their passwords.

The web site was attacked in 2007 where hackers installed malicious code on the web site that sent users login information to a remote server. More than 1.6 million bits of personal information was stolen, according to Internet security group, Symantec.

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Well, I changed my password on, and updated some info while I was there. Later today I got an email from "Monster - 58" saying the resume I attached had a virus in it, but they were able to convert it to text. I never "attached" my resume, I copied and pasted the info from Word into the editor on their site. Since I use my Gmail account with, I never bothered to change the password there, but I got 2 emails in another email account (which is my secondary for the Gmail account) where someone tried to initiate a password reset on my Gmail account. This ****es me off greatly, and there's not much I can do about it other than change the damn passwords.

And curiously enough, I am not able to login into my Monster account for the last 5 days....I tried using the lost password thing.....but even that didn't worked out and it didn't recognized my email.........And Much More Curiously I still get intimations from Monster on the same email id......huuh

It's about time people coding anything that stores personal data were legally required by law to be qualified and trained so they are up to the job. In fact, make that anyone who does anything ever with personal data.

I am so sick and tired of all these compromises when these organisations should bloody know better. ****ing get a clue and hire someone who knows what they are doing and has the integrity to see it through.

You don't expect to have untrained and unqualified accountants and doctors and lawyers, but apparently privacy and personal data is not that important. Grrrrrr!!!

Wanted: Senior Vice President and Global Chief Privacy Officer for internet job website. Ability to find arse with both hands and count to five without banging head on desk advantageous but not essential. Must be potty-trained. The ideal applicant will have a proven track record of losing millions of peoples' personal data before pulling a funny face and saying "whoopsie" in an amusing voice. Apply by getting someone who knows how to use a computer to email your CV to [ ] Tick this box if you were dropped on your head as a small baby or regularly drink bleach.

Patrick Manzo needs a smack in the chops. He should publish all his details online and see what it feels like to wonder who the hell's got all your personal information and what they're going to do with it. Goddamn it this has really ****ed me off.