More Cable Providers offer On-Screen Caller ID

Ok couch-potato, this one is for you. If you get telephone service through your cable TV provider, you may be able to stay put and keep watching TV when checking to see who is calling. Cablevision Systems Corporation, which operates around the New York City area, has offered this feature in several areas and now says that as of Friday it will be available to all 3 million of its cable television customers. The new feature displays an incoming caller's name and number in a little box in the corner of the TV screen. Comcast Corporation, the largest cable TV operator in the country, offers the service in one market and has plans to offer it elsewhere later. Time Warner Cable Incorporated offers it in several areas. Cablevision says its on-screen caller ID carries no additional charge. About half of Cablevision's television customers also subscribe to its digital phone service.

How long will it be before we hit a button on the remote to answer the (video) call?

News source: MSNBC

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This is a stark contrast to the UK where Virgin Media cable can't even get caller display working on most of it's telephones (and charge in areas where it does work!)...

They've had problems, but the service is getting better quite rapidly.

At least with virgin you can cut BT out of your life completely, canceling BT was very satisfying.

True, I like not being tied to BT... Although the VM service isn't brilliant I don't have too many issues.

I just wish that caller display was available as I used to get it (free) from BT.

I still dont understand why, I want less things to bother me while watching tv not some text poping up every time the phone rings!

I have cablevision.

1. this can be turned off by setting it to off on channel 630

2. yes sats been doing this for years but with this service you do not need a phoneline plugged into the cablebox.

I'd rather not have anything clutter up my screen! I would feel alot more comfortable with this if it used a dedicated display which I can place close to the TV , or put next to me when I am watching something... Just keep it off my screen!

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