More details on the Nokia Lumia 822

When Nokia jumped into bed with Microsoft, nearly the entire planet started to write an obituary for the Finnish phone giant as carriers started to lose interest in the handsets. And even though sales weren’t as high as hoped, the Lumia 800 won a number of fans thanks to the Windows Phone OS and the handsets premium design and build quality. The Lumia 900, 710 and 610 were added to the line-up soon after.

In September, following months of rumours and leaks, the next generation Lumia range was introduced in the Lumia 820 and 920. Both, again, garnered much praised from tech pros and consumers alike. Since then two new models have surface, the Lumia 510 and the Lumia 822.

The 822 looks to be a revision of the Lumia 710, with slightly more storage than the 820 (16GB in the 822, 8GB in the 820). The 822 also features wireless charging. According to WMPoweruser, the device “feels plasticky, much like the HTC trophy,” but that it’s bigger than the Trophy. They also say it will retail for $49.99.

Going a bit deeper into the OS itself:

  • Bing Maps is rebranded to Nokia Maps
  • Nokia Drive can download up to 55 different voices for the devices turn-by-turn navigation functionality
  • Windows Phone 7 apps work flawlessly
  • Documents and pictures can be sent via a number of different mediums including Bluetooth, tap2send and Outlook
  • It’s now possible to pin Apps to the Kids Corner as well as the Start Screen
  • Voice dictation in email works very well

Nokia are hitting all the right notes with their product range, attempting to get a device for every type of users for all budget types. Although the Lumia 920 still seems to be the Nokia to own come November.

Source and Image: WMPoweruser

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I am using the lumia 710 and its a very well made mid range phone. Only wished it had a front facing camera. Other then that it's prefect for first time window phone users.

They are doing a great job in providing choice of entry levels. the problem looks like it will be pricing, such a shame, i'll stick with my 710 sim free that cost me £99.99 at carphone.
A bit off topic but I see the same thing happening with the fondle slabs. I was thinking of getting an RT after seeing the win8 pro pricing, but they have all overdone pricing on those as well.
Guess I'll be either getting a droid pad which I don't like or a new notebook/ultra book.
Pricing is everything and the manufacturers just don't seem to get it