More features in the Windows 8.1 Mail app revealed

When Microsoft released the public preview of Windows 8.1 in late June, the company also updated many of its in-house Modern apps for the OS. One app that didn't get an update at that time was the Mail app, with Microsoft instead choosing to hold off on adding new features until the final builds of Windows 8.1 were complete.

However, with the release of the leaked 9471 build of Windows 8.1, we now have a better idea of what new features will be put into the Mail app. Paul Thurrott of Winsupersite went over just some of the new additions to the Windows 8.1 Mail app based on checking out the leaked build.

Microsoft has already announced the new Power Pane in the Mail app, which automatically label emails in a user's inbox in different categories. In checking out the leaked Mail app, Thurrott wrote that the it now shows, what he calls, a mini app bar on the bottom that when pressed or clicked brings up the full Mail app bar with a number of different options.

The Mail app also supports drag and drop functions with the mouse and keyboard so that users can, for example, drag an email to a new folder location. People who connect the app with an account will see more folders show up, such as Newsletters and Social Updates, and the app bar will also add a Sweep button to give the user a way to "sweep" (i.e. delete) emails from one source quickly.

All in all, it sounds like the Mail app that will be a part of Windows 8.1 will be a massive improvement compared to the current version on Windows 8. Everyone will be able to check it out when Windows 8.1 is released on October 18th.

Source: Winsupersite | Image via Winsupersite

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Am I the only one that doesn't like that the junk folder blocks spam from opening in the reading pane, but then when you delete the email and go to empty out the trash folder it opens it completely in the reading pane. This seems like a security risk to me, lets block it and then when you delete it we will unblock it. Also side note to this is they need the ability to report phishing scams like they do on

If Microsoft is going to reinvent all their applications over and over they will never have anything good.

Let's see

Mail app, Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail, Outlook, Outlook Express, Microsoft Internet Mail and News, Microsoft Entourage ...

Have I missed any?

I find it funny how people all over Neowin claim Microsoft is innovating. when all they do is restore features to their Metro apps that were a given in their desktop apps for years (drag 'n' drop to name one).

You're right all they do is reinvent the wheel with Windows 8, the wrapper is pretty much the only thing that's changed.

I think you just need to turn these on in settings. I've been getting notifications from the mail app for as long as I can remember, probably since the dev preview.

Yeah, definitely loving it so far. Was a lil surprised when I saw it after installing the leak. Nice little surprise there.

Sounds like nice little tweaks and touch-ups, however, I am still waiting of POP support for email providers without ActiveSynch or IMAP protocolls.

Get an account and tell it to download your mail from your ISP. There's no need to continue to use such crappy protocols such as POP, especially when you're using Metro apps.

Tumultus said,
Sounds like nice little tweaks and touch-ups, however, I am still waiting of POP support for email providers without ActiveSynch or IMAP protocolls.
There are providers who don't support ActiveSync or IMAP????? I think you need to change provider to one who lives in the 21st century.

Well.... Over here most cable companies still use POP3 for their email services. It's a bitch...
So, getting to grab the email is one of the ways to get that email in.
Another is a new POP3 app in the Windows Store, especially for Pop3 accounts.

This is such a big update, can't wait to finally have it on my tablet. I'll keep using outlook 2013 on my desktop though.

Drag and Drop! Thank goodness! It's the reason I switched from Mail to Outlook 2013. It irked me moving lots of emails.