More Flash Zune Details Leak

While details of the Microsoft's media device lack the spotlight given to any media capable product that Apple will release, the Zune does have it's own little gaggle of supporters. To appease their need for new Zune information, the boys over at ZuneScene have managed to get their hands on a few more details about the upcoming flash based iteration of the Zune. Firstly, the device now has the official code name of 'Draco'. Draco will be available in the common 4gb and 8gb storage capacities, but will break away from the iPod mold, a bit, with included video playback support and, of course, Microsoft's oddly implemented WiFi.

Expect Draco to receive an official name and hit shelves in time for the 2007 holiday season.

News source: ZuneScene

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Expect Draco to receive an official name and hit shelves in time for the 2007 holiday season

But what about the UK?????? People are screaming for it over here!

You want to know the annoying reason why it hasn't released here. Profit. Since they are losing money on it, their Entertainment division, Zune, Xbox etc.. still going into the red each quarter. If they released it in Europe it would be even worse and with the major holiday season coming up with a price dropped 360 and Halo 3 etc. they want to have a profitable quarter for the first time since Halo 2 launched. So, I doubt it's going to make it to the UK in 2007. I really want one as well.

The reason is always profit. The question is: why can't Microsoft sell a $300 device that costs them much less for a profit?

If it looks anything like this one I might considering using one. Thats all though, WMP is a horrible music player.

They better keep the current size and just make it thinner, anything smaller for video will look stupid.

If the price is right, specs are good, and the looks are acceptable I'd definitely make the trip down from Vancouver to a Wal-Mart or Best Buy in Seattle/Spokane and pick one up. I'm tired of my 1G Nano.

4 and 8GB. With the price of flash continuing to drop, i hope this will not be the same price as the nano. Apple could be on to 8 and 16GB nanos come xmas.

it supports video, pull your head out of your ass :P. if it is the same price and supports video they have lots of room to upgarde in size and still have a lot more features that apple has not given its nano supporters.

Yeah, because the nano isn't due for an upgrade anytime between the iPhone launch and Christmas. Last I checked Microsoft was completely surprised by the iPod update after the Zune, have provided no upgrades since, their only distinguishing feature has become an utter joke, they had no room to play with price and had to reduce it, and nearly every single Zune rumor has been false since the name first emerged. You're right, norseman, plenty of reason to believe the Zune will be more featured, have more capacity, and be cheaper than the nano which will never, ever again be upgraded.