More 'next Xbox' rumors pop up: 500 GB hard drive, Kinect 2.0 details and more

There continues to be no shortage of information concerning the features of Microsoft's successor to the Xbox 360 game console. While Microsoft has not even officially confirmed that a 'next Xbox' is even in the works, the Internet continues to fill up with reports on the console's features.

The latest such report comes from Kotaku, who claims to have gotten access to white papers provided by "SuperDaE", a mysterious figure who several months ago sold what he claimed was a hardware SDK for the 'next Xbox" on eBay.

Among the features that "SuperDae" says will be a part of the console, which has the code name "Durango" will be that all of the consoles will have a 500 GB hard drive. All games for the next Xbox will have to have data installed on the hard drive, including disc games, according to this new report.

The new console will also have an advanced version of the Kinect motion gesture add-on, according to this new article, and that the "Kinect 2.0" hardware must always be connected to the console for the next Xbox to even work. Kinect 2.0 will reportedly track as many as six people at once (the current Kinect add-on can handle just two gamers) and will be able to track thumb and even facial muscle movements.

The article also claims that players can suspend one game and play another, and then go back to their first game without having to have a special "save" file set up beforehand.

The actual hardware specs for the next Xbox in this article appear to be in line with what's been previously reported and rumored for the console. However, there's no word if the next Xbox will require a constant online Internet connection, as what was reported last week.

Source: Kotaku | Image via Kotaku

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Microsoft will show sometime in the next couple months, especially with PS4 announcement next week. E3 is when all of the details come out though.

Shadowzz said,
new Kinect? isn't it basically still less then what they had in their research before releasing it as Kinect?

Less is more buddy.
Take WP for example. Virtual sensor APIs trump raw sensor access for the newb programmers.


I'm hoping sony can bring something to the table, but im afraid for them... you know... i want them to liveeeee for the sake of God of War and FF!

I know MS can pump out some fantastic software, while sony is just sony.

I didn't realize the current Kinect didn't track facial movements though.
Webcam programs have done that for as far back as I can remember.

Anyways, sure looking forward to this, going to be amazing.

mikebiacsi said,
Am i the only one that thinks 500gb is a bit small for a next generation console?

Yes. 1TB sounds reasonable.

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