More next Xbox teases from Microsoft exec; hints at holiday 2013 launch

Microsoft is still preparing for the official reveal of the next Xbox at its Redmond, Washington campus on Tuesday, but one of the company's big Xbox executives found a little time to come on the Major Nelson podcast late on Friday to give some teases as to what we can expect from not just Tuesday's event, but also from Microsoft's E3 2013 press conference in June.

The podcast included a segment where Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb chatted with Microsoft Interactive Entertainment Business Chief of Staff Aaron Greenberg. During the interview, where he also talked about how the overall game industry is doing, Greenberg said that Tuesday's press event will be about "laying the foundation" for Microsoft's next Xbox plans, adding, "People are going to get a great inside look at really the making of the new platform and the team that's brought it to life."

As far as E3 goes, Greenberg made no bones about where the focus of Microsoft's next Xbox announcements will be about on June 10th, stating, "E3 is all about the games. At E3, I mean, if you're a gamer, it's going to be tons of exclusives, world premieres ..."

He then seemed to hint strongly about a possible next Xbox launch time frame during the podcast. Greenberg said that Microsoft will " ... have a lot to share between then (E3) and this holiday." Does that mean Microsoft is currently looking at a holiday 2013 release for the console? It would not be a shocker if that turns out to be true.

Source: Major Nelson | Image via Microsoft

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StandingInAlley said,
I guess this puts the rumors of Xbox being delayed and missing its launch. Thank God.

Yeah. It makes you feel like Sony is behind some of these rumors... They're purely destructive...

68k said,
"holiday 2013" - I presume this means early December? That would be perfect.

Hopefully supply can meet demand. That's the only problem releasing that close to the holiday... Parents can find it difficult to find and may end up getting a different console that is easier to get. The 360 was a nightmare to find for instance. I think releases should shoot more for September so they have time to restock a few times before the holiday...

BajiRav said,
It's possible they will target the black friday/cyber Monday sales

Hopefully. Their biggest struggle to sell consoles is going to be supply.

ingramator said,
3 more days..... only 3 more days!!!

I can't wait! I hope I can see the stream, don't know if i'll be busy at the time.

GP007 said,

I can't wait! I hope I can see the stream, don't know if i'll be busy at the time.

Same here. I hope they make it available for viewing on the XBox on demand...