More Nokia/Microsoft codenames leak online

Lately rumors have started to circulate about Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Phones. We’ve seen a number of codenames leak, and now we can add a few more to that list.

We’ve previously heard about ‘Tesla’, ‘Superman’ and, of course, ‘McLaren’. The first two are mid range devices headed to AT&T and Verizon respectively. 'McLaren' is rumoured be a new flagship device running Windows Phone, a handset that will introduce the so-called 3D Touch technology and launch on three US carriers.

Now, thanks to ever reliable @evleaks, we get to add another three codenames to that list of upcoming devices. These are ‘Vela’, ‘Athena’ and ‘Libra’, and they’re all supposed to be from inside the Nokia division.

Unfortunately there’s no other info relating to these codenames. They most likely refer to upcoming handsets or tablets that were in the product pipeline before Nokia’s devices division became part of Microsoft.

We’re hoping more info comes to light in the near future, but until then it’s obvious that Microsoft will be pushing its mobile hardware forward this year.

Source: evleaks

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That's great, but where are the 8.1 devices? With as close as 8.1 is, we should have a lot more than codenames... I've been waiting for something headed to Verizon to replace one of my phones...

Hopefully one of them is the new 1530. I absolutely love my 1520.3. It's perfect for my XL sized hands. But it would be even nicer if it had the camera from the 1020 and the latest Snapdragon.

elenarie said,
Hoping for a 1030 and a nice mid-range 730 or 830. It is sad how the 720 and 820 were abandoned. :(

Agreed. They need to release different form factors... The 820 was a good size a step down from the 920... I'm actually hoping for something along the lines of the 820...

I hope one of those is the successor to the 1020. I want a top spec Windows Phone with the latest Pureview, and hopefully no carrier exclusivity.

Despite the OS being better than ever they really have no hardware on the table competing with the mountain of Android phones Samsung are releasing. Are they hoping the crowd will become confused by which Samsung phone to get?